How to get dual citizenship in Canada


In this article, we will show How to get dual citizenship in Canada. Every country decides whom it considers to be a citizen. If more than one country recognizes you as a citizen, you have dual citizenship. You don’t apply for dual citizenship, and there is no related certificate. Canadians are allowed to take foreign citizenship while keeping their Canadian citizenship.

What is dual citizenship?

Just about every country decides to whom it considers becoming a citizen. If multiple countries recognize an individual as a resident, you may have dual nationality.

You don’t employ for dual nationality, and there can be no related certificates. Canadians are authorized to take overseas citizenship while retaining their Canadian nationality.

Ask the charge of your region of citizenship concerning its rules ahead of seeking Canadian nationality.

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Traveling as a dual citizen

Double (or multiple) nationality or nationality means that you are a citizen higher than one country. Multiple and double citizenships are legal in Canada. Nevertheless, it may well not be legal in other countries or countries to keep citizenship.

A high level00 dual resident and travel to the other country where you keep citizenship, local regulators could not give you access to Canadian consular services. This might prevent Canadian consular officers from providing them to you.

All Canadian travelers must comply with the laws of the country they are visiting. Dual residents may be controlled by local laws that other Canadian vacationers are not. For example, you could be legitimately required to indication up for armed service and have to pay taxes for the reason that country.

Before you travel

In case you are in Canada and are preparing to visit the country of your other citizenship, contact the embassy or représentation of this country to learn if you want to meet specific requirements. This could reduce risks and difficulties for you and your family when you travel there.

Country-specific information about dual nationality is available too on our Journey Advice and Advisories.

Traveling to or transiting through Canada by air

Double Canadian citizens have to have a valid Canadian passport to board a flight to or transit through North America by air.

In case your other country of citizenship needs you to definitely enter and leave that country using a passport issued by its government, you will still have to have a valid Canadian passport to board your flight to North America. Make sure you carry both passports when you travel. Find out more about why you ought to travel or transit through Canada with a valid Canadian passport to avoid gaps and/or possible skipped flights.

Exemption: If you are an American-Canadian twin citizen with a legitimate U. S i9000. passport, you rarely desire a Canadian passport to fly to Canada. However, you still need to carry a proper id and meet the basic requirements to enter Canada.

In the event that you do not have a reputable Canadian passport and are at an airport or traveling by air to Canada in a few days and nights, you may well be able to apply for a Special Authorization.

Dual citizenship and parental child abductions

Numerous international parental kid abductions involve mother and father and children that are dual citizens. Authorities the authorities from the country exactly where the parent and child is really a double citizen will choose whether to problem child a passport or visa for Australia or not. In case you are concerned about your child becoming abducted, you or even your legal professional may ask the international government, not in order to issue these files. The foreign authorities may well not comply.

Create to the some other country’s embassy or even consulate including licensed copies of any kind of court orders setting out custody selections or even necessity for permission concerning associated along with your child through Canada. Send the copy from the ask for to Global Matters Canada’s Consular Solutions (see the get in touch with information) and inform the other country’s embassy or représentation that you possess done so.

For more information, visit our Child abduction and custody issues page or consult the publication International Child Abduction: A Guidebook for Left-Behind Parents.

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