How to Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive


In this post, we will show you How to Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive. By making Windows 11 flash boot, you can install Windows 11 in a very easy way, and therefore there is no need to install Windows through DVD and traditional ways. All you need to do is have a flash drive, get the free file from Microsoft, and follow the instructions below on your computer. Continue reading.

What is needed to make a flash boot?

To use the media creation tool, you need a Windows 10 or 11 computer, as well as a flash drive with 8 GB of storage space or more. You can also use an external solid-state drive (SSD) or an external hard disk (HDD) for this.

Note: Before you start flashing Windows 11, check if your computer is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. But even if you don’t have hardware that meets Microsoft’s requirements, don’t worry, you can use the article on how to install Windows 11 on an old system.

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How to make the flash boot

Microsoft offers a Windows 11 Flash boot application on its website that automates the process. To find this tool, scroll to the bottom of the Microsoft site (+) to see a section titled “Create Windows 11 Installation Media.” Then, at the end of this section, click on the “Download Now” option.

Create windows 11 installation media

After the download is complete, press Ctrl + J to open the download menu in your browser. This part is different in different browsers, but eventually, you should see a file called “MediaCreationToolW11.exe”. Click on it to start the installation.

The first page is related to the terms of use and terms of use, and in this section just click the “Accept” button.

Media Creation Tool Windows 11

On the next page, there are several options, if you want to install Windows 11 in another language, uncheck the “Use the recommended options for this computer” section and select the language of your choice. Otherwise, click on the “Next” option.

recommended options for this PC

Make sure “USB Flash Drive” is selected and then select “Next”.

USB flash drive

Warning: Using the “Windows Media Creation Tool” will erase everything on the flash drive that you want. Before proceeding to this step, make absolutely sure that there is nothing important in the flash.

Now select the desired flash and then click on the “Next” option.

the flash on your USB drive will be deleted

Now, wait for the media creation tool to download Windows 11 from Microsoft servers. This process may take some time depending on your internet speed. After the download is complete, select the “Finish” section.

Your USB flash drive is ready

Safely remove the flash drive from the computer by clicking the small flash icon on the Windows taskbar and then clicking the name of the flash drive.

first click USB Icon Then click USB name

Your Windows 11 flash boot process is now complete.

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