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In this article, we will show you, whether Are you getting accepted into Adsense for the first time? If you want to approve How To Create Adsense Account for Youtube in English.

If you have worked on YouTube, you have seen that one of the necessary measures to make money on this social network is to create Google Adsense for YouTube. In the YouTube world, Google’s AdSense tool is the main source of income. Therefore, all people who have created channels to earn money on YouTube, must have a Google account on this device and perform the actions mentioned in this article. Of course, creating a Google Adsense account is not an easy task due to existing restrictions. But in this article, we try to give you solutions, you can easily earn several 100 thousand dollars from this statement.

In this article, we will explain to you some tips on how to create a Google Adsense account for YouTube and the tricks you should use in this way.

There are many ways to earn money on YouTube, but Adsense is the easiest and best way for beginners. To be honest, it seems that it is not easy for a new YouTuber to make money this way. But it is not impossible. However, some people make mistakes while creating an AdSense account on YouTube.

Therefore, their account verification is delayed or sometimes even denied. To avoid these problems, we offer you solutions.

First, let’s understand the benefits of having a Google Adsense account:

What is the purpose of Google Adsense in the web world?

In short, AdSense is a simple and free way to earn money by placing ads on your site and some social networks like YouTube. The Google Ad Network connects advertisers who want to advertise on the web with publishers like you, making it easy for people who want to get their website paid for with Google Adsense. It connects publishers and advertisers and gives AdWords advertisers the opportunity to show users the ad space you’ve created for your website and YouTube channel.

By partnering with an ad network like AdSense, you can spend less time marketing your ad space and more time creating great content for your users.

The most important advantages of creating a Google AdSense account

  • Earn money on websites and social networks like YouTube
  • Your ads are automatically optimized for mobile browsers
  • This saves time so you can spend more time creating content and leave the work of generating revenue to
  • Google and its tools.
  • Google does not serve any ads for your YouTube channel and you can be sure that users will not be annoyed by seeing ads
  • You can block ads that you don’t want to appear on your website and YouTube channel.

Necessary conditions before creating Google Adsense for YouTube

You must have the following two factors:

  • Having a YouTube channel before creating a Google Adsense account
  • Over 18 years of age

4 important steps in creating Google Adsense for YouTube

First, to create a Google AdSense account, you must enter your YouTube channel and follow the following steps as shown in the picture:

YouTube Studio: Settings > Channel > Status and Features

Status and Features

As in the image above, activate the payment section, which is related to generating income in this social network. In the continuation of the tutorial on how to create a Google Adsense account for YouTube, you must follow the steps carefully so as not to run into problems.


Step 1: Become a YouTube Partner

As in the image above, a page called monetization will be created for you, which is related to making money on YouTube. You must agree to the terms and conditions of becoming a YouTube partner on this page. Then click on the Start option to read and confirm these terms and conditions. Like the picture below:

apply for monetization

This section shows you all the rules for making money on the YouTube social network so that you know what rules you need to know to become a YouTube partner. At the end of these rules, there is a confirmation button that you must confirm if you read it to the end.

sign up for adsense

Step 2: Activate the Google AdSense account for YouTube

If you have already created a Google Adsense account and this account is the same as your YouTube channel’s Gmail, you will proceed to the next step by clicking Next in the image below, but because we are here to provide you with Google Adsense One to teach how to create. For YouTube, we assume you don’t already have a Google Adsense account.

Each person can have only one Google Adsense account and Google does not allow you to create more than one account.

To create Google Adsense for YouTube, you must enter the Google Adsense address. Then the above page will open for you:

  1. In this section, if you have followed the above steps, there is no need to enter the site address or YouTube channel address.
  2. In the Get useful AdSense information at that email address section, it asks you if you are interested in knowing more information about your Google Adsense account in your email.
  3. Then you have to choose the country where you have a valid address and postal code because unfortunately Iran is banned in this matter.

create account

Step 3: Enter the address and details of the residence

Continuing to build Google Adsense for YouTube, we have to say, as you know, because of the sanctions against Iran, you cannot enter address information from Iran, and you must enter that country, Enter city, and residence information that is restricted. List. Not organizational. Our recommendation is to enter the information of someone you know who lives in a country other than Iran.

After you click the Create Account button, your account is actually created and you will be automatically logged into your Google Adsense account. At the start of the job, you will see a field to enter your address and additional information (as shown in the image below).

Here, as you can see, in the first part, you must specify whether your account is personal or under the supervision of a specific organization or company. In the first part, they gave you two options:

  • Individual Option: This option is suitable for personal channels named after a person or brand
  • Business Option: This option is suitable for opening a Google Adsense account for certain companies

Important Note: There is no difference in the way Google pays for these two types of accounts. The first option payment is made in the name of an individual, and the second option payment is made in the name of a specific company or company.

The Name and Address section is also for entering the name and address, which you must enter carefully. Because Google Pay will be sent to you with an account number that we will explain how to set up for Google in the next steps.

Then, your name, which we have already specified, is in the specified field. The next section is two separate lines for entering the exact residential address and another line for entering the postal code.

The next part, which is a continuation of this form to complete the Google AdSense account for YouTube, is to select the region of residence, and the city of residence and enter your mobile number in the desired country.

Finally, when you have filled out the form, you have to click on the submit option.

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