iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android! How To Fix it


In this post, we will show you iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android! How To Fix it. Is your iPhone now not sending images to Android? Are you unable to send pix from iPhone to Android?

Well, I remember that this might be an irritating scenario to be in. On the grounds that you can need to percentage pictures with friends or own family who uses Android, therefore being unable to ship pictures from iPhone to Android might without a doubt destroy your day.

However, this isn’t the give up of the world; in reality, this trouble is easy to resolve. All you need to do is follow the fixes we’ll pass over, separately, till you arrive at the right answer.

iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android

In case your iPhone won’t send pics to an Android device, restarting it generally can restore software program bugs. Second, ensure that MMS messaging is enabled. Also, images that might be too large won’t ship, therefore take a look at the scale of the pictures. Any other thing to test is provider settings updates.

If that fails, try resetting your network settings. Subsequently, if you’re nonetheless having trouble, use an opportunity to ship the pics.

Why Won’t My iPhone Send Pictures to Android?

It’s hard to pinpoint the primary motive why your iPhone is unable to send snapshots to Android, considering there are so many moving and hidden factors that make a contribution to this difficulty. However, in preferred, the “iPhone no longer sending photos to Android” trouble can be due to a few reasons, which include:

  • There’s an issue with the photos themselves (big length, and many others.).
  • The iPhone settings are misconfigured.
  • The iPhone itself has a problem (bugs, errors, etc.).
  • Your community connection isn’t operating properly.
  • There’s a problem with the MMS messaging carrier.

How to Fix iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android

Here are 5 ways to fix the issue of iPhone not sending pictures to Android devices:

Fix #1: Restart your iPhone

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will refresh the working machine with all its apps and assist you to clean any software insects or glitches that may be causing the “iPhone no longer sending photographs to Android” trouble.

So go in advance and restart your iPhone, after which test to see whether the hassle still exists, in that case, pass on to the following fix.

Fix #2: Make Sure MMS Messaging Is Enabled

MMS, which stands for Multimedia Messaging provider, is what allows you to ship multimedia messages like pics and videos to those who don’t have iPhones — in this situation, Android users — or who don’t use iMessage.

The MMS messaging function is typically enabled by using default in your iPhone tool, but, it never hurts to double-check as it might be by accident disabled.

The steps to do so are as follows:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Navigate to Messages.

3. Ensure that MMS Messaging is enabled (The icon should be green).

The steps to do so are as follows

If you have discovered that MMS Messaging is become On, then temporarily flip it Off, and wait a few minutes, after which turn it back On.

Fix #3: Make Sure The Pictures Are NOT Too Large

You ought to be conscious that any MMS message you need to ship has a size restriction, and you have to adhere to the limits. In any other case, the MMS message will no longer be sent, and an error message might be proven.

Due to this, you must make certain that the photographs you want to ship to the Android user within the MMS message, aren’t too massive, and no longer exceed the boundaries allowed with the aid of the cell telephone provider you are using.

“but what is the maximum picture size that my smartphone carrier lets in an MMS message?”

According to Bandwidth Support Center, these are the MMS file size limits for the major carriers in the US:

  1. AT&T = 1 MB
  2. Verizon = 1.2 MB
  3. T-Mobile = 1 MB
  4. Sprint = 2 MB
  5. US Cellular = 500 KB

When you have an exclusive carrier provider, attempt Googling ‘The MMS document size limits for X company’.

Fix #4: Check The Number You’re Messaging

Possibly the purpose you may send pics from iPhone to Android is that the range you’re seeking to send them to has blocked you, otherwise you’ve by accident blocked them. Therefore, I recommend you check the quantity you’re messaging.

“What should I do now?”

The first element you may do is: Navigate to Settings > smartphone > Blocked Contacts; this could display the list of all blocked numbers on your iPhone.

all blocked numbers on your iPhone

The following component you may do is: name the variety or ship an SMS message to them, this way you could confirm that they haven’t blocked you.

confirm that they haven’t blocked you

Fix #5: Make Sure Airplane Mode is Disabled

Another aspect I suggest you do is to make certain airplane Mode is disabled in your iPhone.

If airplane Mode is on, your iPhone received to have the ability to connect with a mobile community, because of this, you gained’t be able to ship everyday messages or photographs to each person.

Whilst you see an aircraft icon inside the top nook of your display screen, you recognize your iPhone is in plane Mode.

Airplane Mode

How can iPhone users send pictures to Android?

There are many approaches for iPhone customers to ship pictures to Android, but the first-rate ones are:
  • 1) Use a pass-platform report-sharing app, inclusive of SHAREit, Zapya, or Xenders.
  • 2) ship the pix to the Android user through e-mail.
  • 3) Use an instant messaging service like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger, and so 4.

The Bottom Line

The ‘iPhone not sending photographs to Android’ trouble is reasonably not unusual, but happily, it is also quite simple to resolve.

We have explained all the legitimate fixes that you can strive for, and I hope that this blog publication has helped you in a few ways.

If you have any further questions, please feel unfastened to inform us, we’re usually inclined to assist!

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