How to Change your User Names and Account Names in Windows 11?


In this article, we will show you How to Change your User Names and Account Names in Windows 11? Through this tutorial, I will highlight how to change your Windows 11 current account name and user folder name.

If you are looking to rename your personal computer, in other words changing your hostname rather than your user name or bank account name, you need to follow the tutorial in this website link.

Before Start

The account name and user name are different. While account name means your full name when Windows 11 starts or at the bottom of the start menu, your user name or nickname is your folder name under C: Users Directory.

For example, as you can see below, while my account name is “Muhammed Cetin”, my user name’s just “mulham”.

Since some of your apps might look for their user data in the old user folder path, you might encounter some errors. Most apps and programs will automatically recognize the new path for user data.

If you’re ready, let’s change account names.

How to Change your User Names and Account Names in Windows 11?

both equally Account Name and Customer Name are changed in an identical window. Nevertheless, to change the User Brand( user folder name), also need to change the ProfileImagePath registry key.

Thus, if you would like to change only your Bank account Name, in addition to the common steps below, you just need to follow the 4 steps under the Changing Bank account( Full) Name title. even so, if you desire to alter only the Customer Name, proceed with the 25 steps in the Changing Customer( Folder) Name title after performing typically the most popular steps. To change both of them, follow all steps correspondingly.

Changing Account Name and User Name share the first three steps:

Press the Windows+ R combo on your keyboard to disseminate the Run window. Then type netplwiz and click OK.


we will see you on your personal machine around the Users for the computer list. Select your own, then click the Properties button. If the button were disabled, Users must get into a user name and password to use this computer option were uncontrolled. Check it. Then, click Properties.

user account

You observe your User Name, what I’m saying is your User Folder Brand, and person’s name, also known as Account Name.

account name

Changing Account (Full) Name

to modify only name( Account Name), change it out upon this window, then click OK.

Click OK again.

you will observe an awake saying, _ can you sign out now? in summary at this stage. Click Yes to sign out. Then hint in again.

You will see your Account Term has been changed.

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