What features does WhatsApp now work on?


TODAY’S POINT ASIA (Wednesday, June 26, 2014): The meta-proprietary instant messaging app creates a new feature for business accounts to enhance their profile by adding a cover photo. What features does WhatsApp now work on?

WhatsApp update publisher group WABetainfo has reported that the iOS system has created a feature to add cover images to mobile-enabled accounts, but is in development in a beta version of WhatsApp for Android users.

When the latest WhatsApp update is released, users will be able to customize their profile picture as well as their home business, according to the report.

This allows users to enhance their business profile, and anyone who accesses their account can read the information on the cover photo.

The platform has revealed that it is another business tool that is not available to ordinary WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp recently introduced a number of new features to its apps, such as displaying photos, enhancing media data publishing capabilities up to 3GB, and increasing the number of subscribers in groups and up to 5 people per phone. Participation is a feature.

Work is also underway on a feature to view stories in the chat list.

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