How to Fix Memory Issues on Windows 11


In this post, we will show you How to Fix Memory Issues on Windows 11 step by step. Frankly, I really like windows 11 for a number of notable functions, clean design language, and fluid UI.

However, windows eleven has a few troubles that remind us of windows 10 days. For example, home windows eleven indicates a black display after a replacement at times, which makes the experience bitter, mainly for individuals who are upgrading to windows 11 from home windows 10. Now, there may be another set of RAM-related problems on windows eleven, making users remorse their selection to transport to windows 11. Memory troubles like high RAM usage, memory leaks, and low memory are plaguing home windows 11 customers. So here’s a one-stop guide to fix reminiscence problems on home windows 11. In case you are going through any sort of RAM problems on home windows eleven, comply with our educational beneath.

Fix Memory Problems on Windows 11 (2022)

In this tutorial, we’ve covered fixes to more than one RAM trouble on home windows 11. From reminiscence leaks on home windows 11 to defective RAM detection, we have included all of the fixes and equipment to higher understand the memory hassle. You can expand the table beneath and move it to any section you want.

How to Check Memory Leak on Windows 11

Even as the memory leak trouble bobbing up from report Explorer on windows 11 has been fixed through Microsoft, you could affirm whether you’re still affected and observe the restoration below in case you are nonetheless dealing with the problem. Here is how to check reminiscence leaks on home windows 11.


1. Press the home windows 11 keyboard shortcut “home windows + R” to open the Run window. Right here, type resmon and hit input. This can open the resource reveal.

2. Now, move to the “reminiscence” tab and check the “Standby” memory. Make sure to close all of the apps and windows. Without an app strolling and document Explorer closed, the Standby memory should free up, and the reminiscence usage ought to come down. If the Standby memory nevertheless seems high and home windows eleven isn’t liberating the reminiscence, its way you are having memory leak trouble on windows 11.

Resource Monitor

Close File Explorer to Fix Memory Leak

Until now, the document Explorer on home windows eleven has been regarded as the reason for the memory leak issue. So, we want to carry out a few basic steps first in order to launch the reminiscence held via the system. Right here are the steps to comply with.

1. To repair the memory leak difficulty on home windows eleven, close all the home windows of File Explorer. Absolutely right-click on the File Explorer icon in the Taskbar and click on “close all home windows”.

2. Subsequent, press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open the assignment supervisor. Then, under the “approaches” tab, look for “Windows Explorer“. Proper-click on it and click on “Restart”. This will restart home windows Explorer, which must similarly lose up RAM on windows eleven.

tasg manger

Modify File Explorer Folder Options

Some customers have stated that commencing folder windows in a separate process help restore the memory leak issue on windows 11. Strive the stairs beneath and notice if this resolves the trouble.

1. Press “home windows + E” to open the document, Explorer. Click on the 3-dot menu on the pinnacle menu bar and open “alternatives“.


2. Right here, circulate to the “View” tab and scroll down underneath the “advanced settings”. Now, enable the checkbox for “launch folder home windows in a separate system“.

3. Ultimately, hit “adequate” and restart your computer. Now onwards, home windows eleven ought to now not reserve an unusual amount of reminiscence for document Explorer.

Disable Startup Programs

In our article on a way to accelerate home windows eleven, we have cited that disabling pointless startup programs significantly frees up sources on boot and forestalls excessive RAM usage on windows eleven. For better upkeep, you should continually disable unnecessary startup packages. Here is the way to do it.

1. Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open the project supervisor. Now, move to the “Startup” tab.

Cntl shift

2. Here, look for the programs that aren’t wanted after login. Right-click on at the application and disable them right away. If there’s an unidentified program, make certain to disable it. Now, restart your laptop, and a big quantity of RAM has to loosen up.

Increase Virtual Memory

If you have low physical reminiscence, you can boom the size of digital reminiscence, additionally called “swap”. Basically, windows 11 will use a few sectors of the hard disk as RAM whilst your laptop is low on memory. This can drastically assist you in combat high RAM utilization on windows eleven. Right here’s how to set it up

1. First, press the home windows key once and look for “advanced machine”. Now, open “View advanced system settings“.

View advanced system settings

2. In the “system residences” window, click on “Settings” beneath the “performance” section.

System Properties

3. In the subsequent window, circulate to the “superior” tab and click on “change” underneath “digital memory”.


4. Uncheck the “mechanically manage paging report size for all drives” checkbox at the pinnacle and click on “custom size”. Under the “initial size” field, enter what is usually recommended below. For instance, i have set “1912” as the preliminary length. As for the “maximum length”, enter 4096. This will offer 4GB of extra digital reminiscence for your home windows eleven computer. Now, click on Set -> good enough.

Note: You can set the Maximum size up to 3 times the physical memory. So if you have a PC with 8GB of physical RAM, you can set up to 24GB (24576MB) of virtual memory.

Fix RAM Issues on Windows 11 Right Away

So these are the approaches to repair memory issues on windows 11. When you have an excessive RAM utilization difficulty, it would do with a memory leak or background programs eating up an uncommon quantity of RAM. We’ve got included more than one solution for this problem, so just comply with the guide above for an appropriate answer. Besides, that is all from us. If you are facing excessive disk utilization on windows eleven, follow our education to restore the stated problem. And to get admission to God mode on home windows eleven, we’ve got an on-hand guide in place for you. Ultimately, if you have any queries, let us know within the remarks segment.

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