6 Best Tools to Stress Test RAM in 2012


In case you build pcs or overclock your machine frequently then only strain trying out the GPU and CPU by myself will no longer make your laptop solid. You must also pressure check the RAM against huge workloads to check its balance. In addition, you can additionally overclock the RAM to a higher frequency and look at the way it behaves at multiplied voltage and temperature. So in this article, I carry you the 6 best gear to strain check RAM with the purpose to help you locate hardware faults and a stable overclocking profile. Other than that, I have additionally referred to a benchmarking device if you need to check which your RAM overall performance stands among comparable computer systems. That being said, let’s pass in advance and test the great packages for testing RAM.

Software to Stress Test RAM

I have included 6 pieces of equipment for thoroughly trying out the RAM towards inefficient read and write velocity, hardware glitches, paging mistakes, caching, and extra. Also, I have noted both unfastened and paid packages so that you can choose one based on your requirements. Now without further postponement, let’s jump proper in.

1. MemTest86

MemTest86 is one of the oldest and most famous tools to stress check RAM. It has a unique method to research RAM and check for all sorts of mistakes. In contrast to different popular applications, it’s a bootable application and that’s what makes it exciting. Just like you put in your home windows OS, you’ll boot this application from a USB thumb pressure.

After that, it’ll execute a chain of comprehensive algorithms and test styles to take a look at RAM’s stability and faults. MemTest86 makes use of an excessive-overall performance reminiscence profile, popularly called XMP to stress check the RAM. Aside from that, it uses a hammer take look at, sequential memory blockading, transferring inversions, and plenty of extra complex strategies to place a heavy load on the RAM.


Having said that, the excellent component approximately MemTest86 is that it supports all types of RAM from DDR4 to DDR2. It’s additionally compatible with both pc and Mac having UEFI or Legacy BIOS. Don’t worry, you don’t have to disable comfy boot to run this software as Microsoft has signed its certificate. All in all, MemTest86 is a gold fashionable in relation to checking out RAM, and also you without a doubt can’t pass incorrect with it. The only drawback is that the UI seems historical, but this is approximately it.

2. Karhu’s RAM Test

If you don’t like MemTest86’s UI or its bootable method then Karhu’s RAM check software is the exceptional bet for you. It has got a standard GUI interface with a simple layout and many superior functions. You may use this application to observe the RAM for hardware faults or check how your RAM behaves after overclocking it. It deploys numerous superior algorithms to pressure test the RAM by way of generating random numbers at the RAM.

Some of the capabilities are RtlGenRandom and XORWOW which disables the CPU Cache and enables sequential writing on the memory block. Truly placed, Karhu’s RAM test has been confirmed to be a dependable strain check device for many gadget developers and overclockers through the years. And I am sure, it’s going to now not disappoint you. But hold in mind, the utility isn’t always free, however, the functions it offers are well really worth the rate.

Karhus RAM Test

3. MemTest64

MemTest86 is great, however, it has an old UI, and Karhu’s RAM check is paid-only software. In that case, MemTest64 is an ideal tool that helps you to pressure check RAM at no cost or navigate thru the bootable mess. Definitely placed, MemTest64 is a contemporary and lightweight software that incorporates a GUI interface and is amply successful to test the RAM against diverse mistakes. It makes use of a number of in-depth take a look at-styles at the RAM and pushes all the walking applications to pagefile to free up memory. Whilst the strain assessments are not as complicated as MemTest86 or Karhu’s device, it is able to virtually detect defective hardware or terrible sectors of memory. Additionally, MemTest64 can sync DRAM speed and your overclocking frequency so you get the most overall performance out of the RAM. In tandem, MemTest64 is a capable software and you may in reality provide it an attempt.


4. Prime95

Even as we’ve got mentioned Prime95 in our list of CPU strain testing gear, it additionally allows you to assess RAM towards errors and instability. Prime95 has many modes, but pick the blend to take a look at for completely testing the RAM. If you have some level of know-how in this difficulty then you can pick custom and set the parameters by yourself. But, my advice might be to uncheck the “in-region” box, set the variety from 448K to 4096K and allocate as a minimum 70% of RAM. This can really torture test your RAM to the threshold and discover errors, if any, during the process. Ensure to run the check for at least 2 hours to correctly gauge the RAM overall performance. To conclude, Prime95 is a simply capable software program and you may reliably use it to take a look at your RAM.


5. AIDA64 Extreme

In case you don’t have plenty of understanding about hardware components and stress testing then AIDA64 intense is the best software program to strain take a look at RAM. It’s a simple utility that helps you to test your RAM towards extensive duties which include short study, writing, and flushing operations. It also uses multi-threaded memory and cache paging to observe RAM bandwidth and latency troubles. Apart from that, AIDA64 intense deploys more than one processing obligation which includes physics and mathematical calculations the usage of just the RAM. On the pinnacle of it, the utility also gives you a benchmark rating so you can evaluate your RAM capability to other desktops as nicely. All in all, AIDA64 intense is a high-quality utility for popular customers and also you must in reality provide it a strive.

AIDA64 Extreme 1

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