How to Create Shutdown Shortcut in Windows 11 with easy ways


Do you want to create a shutdown shortcut in home windows 11? If sure then right here in this publish discover How to Create Shutdown Shortcut in Windows 11 with easy ways.

In the meantime these days, maximum individuals no longer need to study how to shut down a windows laptop. After all, we have been performing it for some time. But most people don’t recognize there are different methods to shut down a computer like growing a shortcut and lots of others. Therefore making a shortcut to show off the laptop in place of doing extra tactics, windows can be the fastest way to shut down the device.

Home windows 10 customers will receive an unfastened upgrade to windows eleven in keeping with a preceding statement from Microsoft. Meaning you could update your working device to home windows 11 without cost in case you are the usage of a valid reproduction of home windows 10. There is a cache, though. Further to the 4GB RAM requirement, Microsoft has brought two more hardware necessities: the TPM 2.0 and the comfy Boot. Simplest if comfortable Boot and TPM 2.0 are enabled on your laptop’s BIOS or UEFI will you be eligible for a loose upgrade to windows 10.

At the same time home windows, 10 and home windows 11 offer some alternatives for restarting or shutting down your pc, the general public of them wants many mouse clicks and might be time-ingesting. If you make a computing device shortcut for shutdown or restart, you could speedily shut down or restart your computer by way of double-clicking the shortcut icon. You would shop time and effort if you did that.

How to Create Shutdown Shortcut in Windows 11

A Shutdown button can be added to the home windows eleven desktop without the want for extra software. It just calls for adding a new choice shortcut to the computer that differs somewhat from a normal software shortcut. For the choice’s shortcut, you input a command rather than a region. As shown underneath, you can consist of a Shutdown button on your desktop.

Step 1. Right-click on your Windows 11 screen Select New > Shortcut.

New - Shortcut

Step 2. Here you must enter  shutdown /s /t 0  inside the box, then click Next.


Step 3. After clicking Next here the name of the shortcut will be Shutdown.exe, simply click finish.


Step four. To change the shutdown shortcut icon, proper-click on the shutdown shortcut and choose houses.


Final Word

That is the process of how to create a shutdown shortcut for your windows 11 laptop/laptop. You may also pass the shutdown shortcut in the taskbar menu from there you could easily turn off your pc.

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