4 Best Ways to Send Large Files with Gmail


In this post, we will show you the top 4 Best Ways to Send Large Files with Gmail. Gmail lets the person to proportion and attaches a file up to twenty-five MB in length. Although it’s far sufficient for sending ordinary PDF documents or links or a few pics, if the person desires to ship an extra 25 MB record, they may now not be capable of accomplishing that. However, customers can compress the dimensions of PDF files or reduce the image size, but doing this can result in losing the exceptional of the files.

So what may be achieved to send huge documents with Gmail? There are a few approaches to shipping huge documents with Gmail without dropping first-rate. In this article, we can be discussing how you may send large files with Gmail.

Best Ways to Send Large Files with Gmail

Given under are numerous ways to send huge files with Gmail with no hassle.

1. Save Files on Google Drive

Google force is used to share and synchronize documents and facts through the cloud, which any device can effortlessly get right of entry to. You may shop the report on Google force and percentage it with each person on Gmail. To accomplish that, follow the steps given beneath.

  1. Head to the Google Drive website by clicking on this link. Here, log in to your account first.
  2. Next, click on the New button at the top left corner.


Then, the consumer can pick whether or not they want to add a record or folder. Click on record upload to add the record or Folder add to upload the folder.

file upload

  1. Now, select the file/folder that you want to upload and upload it. 
  2. Now, select the folder/file on the Drive and click on the link in the top right corner. 
  3. Click on the Restricted option and click on Anyone with the link.


Anyone with the link

Now, click on the Viewer drop-down menu and pick out the way you need different humans to control the file/folder.

control your file

  • Now, open Gmail and compose the new electronic mail.
  • Click on the power icon acting at the bottom of the compose window.
  • Next, the user can select the report they want to send or search for the report by the use of the hunt bar.
  • Once carried out, click on the Insert button to insert the report link.

insert folder

You can now send the document, and the link to the report will be sent over Gmail.

2. Save Files on OneDrive

Another approach is the use of Microsoft OneDrive to proportion large files in a professional environment. However, to use One force to share documents in Gmail consumer desires to follow the stairs given beneath-

  • Open OneDrive and sign up for it along with your Microsoft account.
  • Click on the add option on the window’s pinnacle and pick out the documents or Folder alternative.
  • Subsequent, choose the file or folder you need to add to OneDrive.
  • Select the document/folder you uploaded on OneDrive, and click on the percentage button.
  • Then, choose every person with the link can edit option.
  • Now, the person will Set the Expiration date and the password for their files and hit the practice button.
  • Once accomplished, OneDrive will generate a link that can be shared thru Gmail.

3. Compress the File and Send it

You can compress the files or the folder you need to ship after which ship it with Gmail. To accomplish that, observe the stairs given underneath-

  • Launch report Explorer by means of pressing the windows + E key combination.
  • There, pick the documents you need to send.
  • Subsequently, right-click on decided on documents, select the ship to alternative, and then click on the Compressed (zipping) folder choice.

Send to Compressed zipped folder

  • Be aware- in case you are using windows 11, you must click on show more alternatives after right-clicking at the objects to get entry to the vintage context menu.
  1. Enter the name of the folder and compress it.
  2. Next, launch Gmail and compose a mail.
  3. In the compose window, click on the Add attachment icon appearing at the bottom in the same window.

Add attachment icon

  1. Now, select your zip file and upload it to Gmail.
  2. Once done, you will see that the zipped file will get attached to the email and you can send it easily. 

4. Save the File Bit-By-Bit and Send it

Some other method is to interrupt the files and ship them. This is the simplest feasible for files that can without problems be damaged into numerous elements. Though this is time-ingesting, every now and then watching for the document annoys the users. However, if the person wants to use this approach, they need to observe the steps given below-

  1. Spoil the record; users ought to proportion the documents to the usage of the reproduction and paste method.
  2. Then, save those documents in a folder in numerical order on your laptop.
  3. Next, release Gmail and open a new mail in it.
  4. Once done, attach the first file thru the primary mail, the second thru the second mail, and so on until the last file has been despatched.


This text discusses how you can send big documents with Gmail. Following the above strategies, you may ship massive documents with no issues.

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