How to Change DNS Settings on Windows 11


Through Windows 11, we authored a tutorial on what things to edit the host report if you want to block certain websites. Whenever you want to strengthen privacy on Windows 13, then you will need to adjust the DNS settings. It will probably secure the internet transmission on your hard drive, be it opening up an online site or iPhone app hoping to attach to it has the server. How to Change DNS Settings on Windows 11?

Change DNS Settings in Windows 11 (2022)

In this specific guide, we are going to indicate ways to improve DNS settings by having a Windows mobile computer. In this section, we all will make clear what is certainly DNS and why you should change it. Be sure to expand the table down below to read the clarification.

What is DNS in Windows 11?

DNS is really a phonebook of the net. When you open a website, your computer is linked to the DNS server. This locates the address and connects you to the web page. So that you avoid having to remember the IP addresses of those sites.


There are numerous DNS servers out at this time there, from ISP types to servers proposed by Google, Cloudflare, OpenDNS, etc. Each DNS server claims that that can retrieve information more quickly than the other. Several offers built- security like DNS supports over- TLS, and some offer lower dormancy. It will depend on which single you would like to use on your own Windows 10 PC.

Having said that, the purpose I recommend users to change the default DNS server in Windows 10 is because ISPs will be increasingly logging the DNS query, which is certainly not good for your level of privacy. This means your Net provider can know which in turn website you visited throughout the DNS log.

Thus to be on the safer side, use tailor-made DNS servers that will be well known, which in turn certainly not log your queries, give reliable performance, and secureness against phishing and spyware and adware attacks. Now, having manufactured that clearly, let’s move ahead and learn about some popular DNS web servers for Windows 11.

Free DNS Servers for Windows 11

Here are a lot free and popular DNS servers that it is possible to use in your Glass doors 11 PC. We include added both recommended( also called primary) and choice( also called secondary) DNS addresses of popular companies.

1. Cloudflare

Preferred DNS:
Alternative DNS:

2. Google

Preferred DNS:
Alternative DNS:

3. OpenDNS

Preferred DNS:
Alternative DNS:

4. Comodo Secure DNS

Preferred DNS:
Alternative DNS:

5. Quad9 DNS

Preferred DNS:
Alternative DNS:

Change DNS Server Using Settings App in Windows 11

The greatest way to replace the DNS hardware in Windows 11 is from your Settings. That permits you to define the DNS with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Here is how to go about this process: 1.

Press the Windows 11 keyboard secret “Windows+ I” to spread out the Settings iPhone app. Here, in order to the “Network and Internet” settings menu from the left sidebar and click on “Wi-Fi” in the right pane. When you yourself have a wired Ethernet, connection, select “Ethernet”.

Network & Internet

2. Then, look down and search for “Equipment properties”. Open it.

Hardware properties

3. Presently, click on “Alter” close to “DNS server task”. It will be set to “Programmed (DHCP)”, and that implies Windows 11 is utilizing the DNS server picked by your ISP. This is the very thing we really want to change.

Network & internet - wifi

4. On the following page, select “Manual” starting from the drop menu and empower the “IPv4” switch.

Edit DNS settings

5. From that point forward, in the “Liked” and “Elective” DNS fields, enter the custom DNS server address you need to utilize. You can track down the best DNS servers from our connected article. I by and large go with Google’s DNS server, which is as per the following:

  • Preferred DNS:
  • Alternative DNS:
6. Whenever you are finished, click “Save”, and you have effectively changed the DNS server in Windows 11. In the event that you additionally wish to figure out how to empower DNS-over-HTTPS on Windows 11, which will make all DNS questions scrambled, move to the following stage.
7. Click on the drop-down menu beneath “Liked” and “Elective” DNS encryption and change the encryption type to “Encoded just (DNS over HTTPS)”.
Encrypted only (DNS over HTTPS)
8. Presently, click on “Save”, and you are finished. Alongside a custom DNS server in Windows 11, you have likewise empowered encryption for all your DNS questions, which will make network correspondence on your PC safer.
Alternative DNS

Change DNS Server from Control Panel in Windows 11

When you’re old-school with this dilemma and also replace the DNS server in Windows 14 within The control panel, adhere to our guide below. one particular. Use the “Windows plus R” shortcut to pass on out the Run immediate window. Here, type

ncpa.cpl and hit Enter into.


payments on your own This may open the Network and Internet windows in the control panel straight. You can also by hand open Control Panel on Windows 11 and maneuver to “Network and Posting Center”.

Network Connections

several.Once you areright here, right-clickon your “Wi-Fiadapterand select Properties.If you’reusing awiredEthernetconnection,correctclick Ethernetand chooseProperties.


4.Next,scrolldownand double-clickInternetProtocolVersion4(TCP/IPv4).


a couple of. Now, this will start a fresh pop-up window, where you want to select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. That’s where most of us will establish our custom DNS server.

Use the following DNS server addresses

6. Now, enter the specified and Alternative DNS web servers of their respective fields. To get an example, I m here employing Cloudflare’s DNS servers, which in turn are mentioned below. The fact that you are free to choose your own.

  • Preferred DNS:
  • Alternative DNS:
Obtian an IP address automatically
7. Finally, select “OK”, that’s it. You own set up a specialty DNS server onto your Microsoft windows 11 PC.
Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP-IPv4) properties

Change DNS Settings Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Apart from Windows Settings plus the control panel, you can even modify the DNS settings by applying Command Prompt. You simply need to use a few instructions, and then you are set. Here will be the steps you have to adhere to:

1.PresstheHome windowskeyandtype cmdin thesearchpub.Now,click onRunasAdministratorinthe rightpane.Ifyou alwayswantto operatewithadminprivilegeinHome windows11,go through thelinkedguide.


installments in your Next, run the beneath command inside the CMD window. Make sure to replace desired with all the main DNS of your machine. For instance– We have used 1) 1. 1. 1, which usually can be Cloudflare ‘s desired DNS server. Also, if you are using Ethernet, change Wi- Fi with Ethernet if you beneath command.

netsh interface ipv4 set dnsservers Wi-Fi Static preferred primary
three or even more. To set an substitute DNS server using Order Prompt, run the under command. Here, replace Alternate with all the secondary DNS server. I have established Cloudflare ‘s 1. 0.0.1 as the alternate DNS.
netsh interface ipv4 add dnsservers Wi-Fi Alternative index=2
Administrator command prompt
5. And you really are performed. Open the Settings iphone app, and you will see that the custom DNS computers have been updated.
6. In case you should reset the DNS settings to Automatic( DHCP), execute the below control in CMD within the Windows 11 PC.
netsh interface ip set dns "Local Area Connection" dhcp
select administrator

Set Up a Custom DNS Server in Windows 11

So these are the five simple strategies you can set up a custom DNS server in Windows 11. I will emphatically suggest changing the DNS server from the Windows Settings page. Alongside custom DNS, you can likewise empower DNS-over-HTTPS from that point. In any case, that is all from us. On the off chance that you are confronting web issues and the Wi-Fi continues to separate on your Windows 11 PC, follow our connected aide for a simple fix. Besides, to determine the “Organization Discovery is Turned Off” blunder on Windows 11, we have a convenient instructional exercise for you. At last, assuming that you have any inquiries, let us in on in the remark segment beneath.

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