How to Order GCMS Notes from Canada, IRCC


To be eligible to order GCMS Notes from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), you should be either a Canadian Citizen, a Canadian everlasting Resident, or a man or woman or organization found in Canada.

In case you do not meet the previous requirement to post a GCMS utility to IRCC, you can still get your GCMS Notes. But, you will need to undergo a consultant, including CanadaWiz, that meets the eligibility requirement.

CanadaWiz or every other GCMS representative you chose will follow for an get right of entry to information and privateness (ATIP) Act request on your behalf.

How to Get GCMS Notes from IRCC: From outside Canada or within Canada

Apply for your GCMS Notes from IRCC in three (3) easy steps:

STEP 1 – Select your GCMS Notes option.
STEP 2 – Complete and send your consent form.
STEP 3 – Receive your GCMS Notes.

We can apply to your GCMS Notes within 24 hours of receipt of your consent form, even on weekends. And you will be supplied along with your GCMS Notes request tracking range from IRCC.

We will additionally e-mail your GCMS Notes to you the equal day we receive them from IRCC. Generally, within 30 to forty calendar days from the date of request, as in line with IRCC’s timeline.

What are GCMS Notes? What is GCMS Canada?

GCMS is an acronym for the worldwide Case management device. It’s far a time-honored and centralized gadget used internally by way of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process and song all citizenship and immigration offerings packages. Examples of such packages are:

  • Brief visas (vacationer visa, take a look at permit/visa, or work visas),
  • Permanent immigration software (e.G. Explicit entry), and
  • Citizenship applications.

Every utility documented inside the IRCC GCMS Notes tracking device will comprise records including:

The correspondence to and from IRCC,
The distinct notes of the IRCC immigration officers who reviewed the software, and
All of the applicant’s help files.

The satisfactory manner to have a detailed view of your immigration record’s reputation is to get your GCMS Notes.

Additionally, in the case of a visa refusal, your GCMS Notes will assist you to pinpoint the purpose of the rejection.

Why Should I Request GCMS Notes?

Relying on your state of affairs, the number one motives why you must get your GCMS Notes are:

You have a better perspective of the status of your IRCC utility. That is useful because the information permits you to proactively put together a record request from IRCC or help you put it together for any imminent interview.

Inside the case of a visa refusal, you will find a comprehensive cause for the denial. Therefore if you make a decision to re-apply, the information you have gotten from the GCMS Notes will make sure that you put together a better utility, thereby growing the possibilities of your getting approval.

With GCMS electronic Notes, you could move-check in case you or your consultant (e.G. Immigration consultant, lawyer, and so on.) have now not made any mistakes on your utility.

With a GCMS Notes record Request, you may double-check if you or your representative have submitted/uploaded the correct utility files.

When Should I Order GCMS Notes? When to Order GCMS Notes?

The exceptional time to reserve GCMS Notes relies upon the form of software. Take into account that there is no restriction on the wide variety of instances you could get GCMS Notes. But, the following statistics can help you make a decision at a pleasant time to order your GCMS Notes.

In case your utility is taking longer than ordinary primarily based on IRCC’s average processing time, you must get your GCMS Notes to apprehend what can be causing the postponement.

After your temporary house or permanent residence, the software has been processed, and a selection has been reached by IRCC, whether or not fantastic or negative, you should get your GCMS Notes.
If the decision became detrimental (i.E. A visa refusal), the GCMS Notes will give you a higher attitude on the rationale the IRCC immigration officer used as a foundation in deciding on a denial.

For permanent house (PR) applications, it is great to request your GCMS Notes immediately after your application crosses the R10 completeness exams level.

R10 denotes regulation 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Safety Act. That is a rigorous evaluation level of your application’s processing, whereby the IRCC immigration officer checks that all your documentation and facts are complete. Normally, this segment is completed within one month of applying to IRCC.

The appropriate time to order GCMS Notes for PR applications would be in the 2nd or third month after filing your software.

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