How to Enable or Disable Always on Display in iPhone 14 Pro


In this video, we will show you How to Enable or Disable Always on Display in iPhone 14 Pro. With the launch of the iPhone 14 seasoned and iPhone 14 seasoned Max, Apple sooner or later delivered an always-on display to the millions of iPhone users around the world. Apple’s implementation, but, isn’t like what you’ll have seen on Android phones over the past few years. As opposed to turning off the display screen and surely showing the time and notifications, Apple has taken matters a step further and as a substitute sincerely dims the display and lowers the refresh fee to 1Hz. So whether or not you like the iPhone 14 pro-AOD and need to permit it, or whether or not you dislike it and need to show it off, here’s the way to allow or disable the always-on show in iPhone 14 pro (and seasoned Max).

Enable/Disable iPhone 14 AOD Feature

In my opinion, I don’t similar the constantly on-display carried out manner Apple has executed it. It feels more distracting, and it should be a battery hog for sure. At the same time as we’ll discuss how to allow the constantly on show first if you’re like me and just need to turn it off, you can use the desk of contents below to pass beforehand to that segment.

Turn on iPhone 14 Always on Display

The always-on show is enabled by using default on the iPhone 14 seasoned. But, if it isn’t turned on for you, or you by accident toggled it off, here’s a way to allow AOD on iPhone.

  • Go to Settings -> display and Brightness.

settings display and brightness

  • Here, make sure the toggle next to ‘Always On is enabled.
enable always on iphone 14 pro
Now, each time you lock your iPhone display, it won’t go completely blank. Alternatively, it’s going to decrease the brightness, and reduce the refresh fee to 1Hz to keep the battery lifestyle.

Turn off AOD on iPhone 14

If you’re like me, and you want to disable the AOD feature on your iPhone, here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings -> Display and Brightness.
Display and Brightness
  • Here, enable the toggle next to ‘Always On.

Always On

Now, your iPhone 14 will no longer transfer to the continually on display mode whilst you lock the screen and positioned your iPhone to sleep. That is amazing in case you find the brand new AOD function distracting and greater hassle than its worth.


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