10 Endless Runner Games like Subway Surfers on Android


In this post, we will show you how to get 10 Endless Runner Games like Subway Surfers on Android. If you use a phone, you’re nearly genuinely aware of the sport called Subway Surfer.

The infinite strolling game is available on every running machine, be it mobile or laptop. The game involved gambling the function of a teenager, running on the subway to get away from an inspector and his loyal yet fierce canine. There are a few reasons such video games appeal to customers.

You no longer should decide to complete sure stages or complete positive missions. There is no exact time requirement, as you could play for a minute, or you may move on for hours on this endless going for walks genre recreation. Additionally, you could experience the game even in case you can not whole a certain challenge. Plus, there’s a constant thrill of you getting chased with the aid of the inspector.

And subsequently, there may be very little opposition, so making the players relaxed in whatever manner they play the sport. However, if you have played the sport for a lengthy, you’re probable to become bored of it. So, right here are 15 high-quality video games like Subway Surfers on Android that you’ll love:

1. Sonic Dash

The first game that comes to mind while taking into account options for Subway Surfers might be Temple Run. However, there’s one most important purpose why we are not topping our list with Temple Run. It is the “stage of seriousness”. Sonic sprint, like Subway Surfers, is a playful and merry game, unlike Temple Run. Developed by means of Hardlight, the gameplay is quite just like Subway Surfers.

Sonic needs to be taken thru ranges, amassing earrings and avoiding limitations and enemies. While jumping and sliding, the camera angles frequently trade providing you with a great examine your surroundings which are fantastically rendered in 3D. The portraits are exciting, and there is a superb variety in phrases of soundtracks to keep the gameplay thrilling.

Sonic Dash

The important thing difference is that Sonic isn’t constantly getting chased with the aid of everyone. Other than that, different characters are unlocked at high stages, like Subway Surfers. You furthermore might get to improve power-America and buy boosts via in-app purchases.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

2. Temple Run 2

There’s a by no means-finishing debate over which sport is better. Temple Run or Subway Surfers. We can simply avoid that and placed the contrast in this manner. Temple run is the extra severe infinite walking sport of the 2. You have to keep away from obstacles whilst preserving yourself from falling over the threshold, whilst you’re being chased by a Guerrilla. Downloaded over a billion instances, Imangi studios base their recreation on a plot that ends up unlocking increasingly more characters. You run in mine carts and zip strains and bounce over and below barriers that relate to the environment.

Temple Run 2

As opposed to swiping the characters, you could pass sideways via tilting the device consequently. The game is a great deal extra state-of-the-art than its opponents/clones. It can be argued that this recreation turned into the only which stimulated loads of clones.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

3. Zombie Highway 2

Another infinite runner recreation, where you power down an avenue for all time at the same time as fending off zombies. As opposed to a human individual, the sport calls for you to force vehicles and zombies are the barriers that attempt to overturn the vehicles in their direction.

The more upgraded the automobile the tougher it is to overturn for the zombies, hence the constant want to upgrade the vehicle is what coaxes the player to maintain playing and earn more. You’re equipped with weapons ranging from sidearms to explosives and bio arms. The use of ammo must be pre-planned to keep away from strolling out of it.

Zombie Highway 2

As you proceed via the sport, it turns into more difficult and more difficult to kill the zombies due to the increase of their number and power, so continually save your ammo for the later ranges in which you’ll need it the maximum.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

4. Jetpack Joyride

Despite the fact that loads distinctive within the gameplay to Subway Surfers because of being an aspect scrolling recreation this sport gives the equal a laugh. Halfbrick studios evolved this action-adventure where Barry Steakfries, the man or woman, steals a complicated jetpack from a mystery army laboratory.

A few obstacles like zappers, laser beams, and missiles anticipate Barry on his course to end his run. The controls are clean, pics are of excessive fine, and the gameplay is quite addictive. Do strive it out if you want to have a few a laugh.

Jetpack Joyride

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

5. Into The Dead

Although not pretty much like Subway Surfers, this sport remains numerous amusing. Things are a touch different right here. You need to run in your lifestyles through an in no way ending horde of zombies, who will prevent at nothing.

This loose-to-play recreation comes with diverse in-app purchases. The spooky images offer a satisfying enjoyment. Weaponry can be picked from the sides, as you run to help you with the project of survival.

Into The Dead

Evolved with the aid of PikPok, the game is taken into consideration as a must-have for cell telephones. Even though a simple recreation to play, it’s miles full of immersive gameplay. One annoyance, however, stays that the gamers can most effectively aim the weapons at zombies in front of them at the same time as giving those at the perimeters an open invitation to kill you.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

To earn the title “Minion of the year”, a player has to govern one of the three Minions, Dave, Carl, or Jerry. You need to play in hilarious speedy-faced challenges even as amassing bananas as praise. Minions need to keep away from limitations and attacks from bosses unless they have got sure energy-ups, in which case the obstacles may be prevented.

despicable me minion rush

To make things more exciting, the game has exceptional modes like international occasions, unique missions, and restrained-time races. The game became evolved with the aid of Gameloft after the hilarious animated movie Despicable Me. If you are keen on Minions and strolling games, this game is best for you.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

7. Rail Rush

This recreation, probably inspired by the mine cart of Temple Run, is an exciting journey, where the participant steps into the boots of Bob Molenchaser and travels through mines. You need to stay alive at the same time as facing challenges like volcanic hot waters or other lethal limitations inside the mines. Soar around the broken trails and take preserve gold and gemstones even by tilting, weaving, and warding off obstacles.

Rail RushAs quickly as you take away one assignment, another task awaits your hero. The challenges are more common than in every other running recreation, which gives this game an extra difficult sense. Attention and quickness of the mind are all that are required to enjoy this sport. Characters may be changed, and an additional system may be purchased to make the sport even greater exciting.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

8. Agent Dash

The idea of being a secret agent is intriguing. The same is incorporated into this recreation, where you in shape up as a secret agent to run forever and ever thru enemy territory, destroying the whole lot that comes along at the same time as heading off the traps.

It is the same as Temple Run and Subway Surfers in the maximum of its capabilities besides that the individual has given ammo that he can use to shoot at different objectives. You can use the gemstones to buy enhancements and characters all through the tiers. This sport is easy to play, addictive, and is an amazing contender to Subway Surfers in phrases of amusement.

Agent Dash

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

9. Giant Boulder Of Death

As the name shows, it is a limitless runner sport, the individual being a rock. The giant rock rolls down the tracks destroying the objectives and warding off the obstacles by way of shifting sideways and jumping. Instead of accumulating cash, you get to spoil bushes and overwhelm villages, automobiles, yetis, and golden cows. Basically, crush the whole lot on your manner. PikPok has accomplished a high-quality job in satisfying your killer instinct, as you roll down the mountain music obliterates a whole lot of your course.

Giant Boulder Of Death

You could even improve to a spiky rock and confront the boundaries with sheer electricity. You do get gold and gemstones along the way. Evaluate your rankings with that of your pals via connecting the sport with your FB account and different social media websites. Complete as many desires as viable earlier than getting shattered by using boundaries.

Availability: Google Play (Free with in-app purchases)

10. One Epic Knight

Some other endless runner, this time with a man or woman dressed as a knight. Why a Knight, you ask? That’s because you have to face some deadly enemies down the music. You both have to kill them with the sword you discover on the way, or you may keep away from them by way of moving to the edges. A defense might also assist you to endure one or two barriers but in the process of defending you, it does get shattered, and you’re left susceptible once more.

One Epic Knight

Availability: Google Play (Free)

Try these Subway Surfers-like Games on Android

Subway Surfers is a lot of fun however if you are simply bored of it, you may virtually try out these countless strolling video games. Strive them out and in case you think we missed one in all your favorite walking games then feel loose to allow us to recognize them within the feedback below and we’ll take a look.

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