Can I apply for Spanish Citizenship for my U.S. Children?


In this article we will show Can I apply for Spanish Citizenship for my U.S. Children?

Spanish Citizenship

You are able to apply for The Spanish language Citizenship for your own U. S. resident children with the procedure of ‘Citizenship simply by option, ’ because written in Legislation 36/2002 (written upon October 8, 2002).

Who is eligible to apply for citizenship by option?

These categories of folks may apply or perhaps ‘opt’ for Real Spanish citizenship:

  • Those within the tutelage involving a Spanish resident.
  • Those whose parent or guardian had been formerly Spanish and was initially born on vacation (and subsequently lost Real spanish nationality).
  • Those blessed in Spain to be able to foreign parents in the event at least a person parent came into this world throughout Spain.
  • Those implemented as grownups into a Spanish parent following 2 years involving adoption.

Speaking Spanish citizenship by alternative must be believed within 2 decades of the delete word 18th birthday or perhaps right after ‘emancipation, ’ no make a difference what age.

Precisely what are the essential documents to implement for Spanish nationality by option?

Typically the applicant (your child) must provide the original and a new photocopy of:

  • Their very own birth certificate, have been translated and apostilled.
  • A valid passport or driver’s certificate.
  • A naturalization license or long-lasting homeowner card.
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