How to make money blogging for beginners

  • Can you make money blogging?
  • What are the various ways to make money from blogging?
  • How much can I earn?
  • Can I talk about my life and make money?
  • What should I blog about to make money?

In this post, we will show you How to make money blogging for beginners.

for anybody who is asking the above questions, well you are at the correct place. In this mega guide to generating profits from blogging, you will learn all the subjects that get handled that will help you get began.

These methods are centered on my 14 years of professional blogging experience. I possess also shared? screenshots? of payments of some income streams present a larger perspective.

If this is your first time at Safiblog, I recommend you to read our about page to really know what We do( Opens in a new tab).

some three years back, blogging was merely another hobby that a few people did apart from working daily jobs. Today, blogging still functions in that way, but a lot has changed.

In 2022, running a blog has become a profitable online profession and people at large begin a blog to get into this noble profession.

Before we the various ways to generate profits from blogging, a few see the potential:

How much money can you make money from blogging?

similar to any profession( Doctor, attorney, financial advising), people vary System.Drawing.Bitmap blogging who’re earning anywhere from around$ 1000$ 2, 000, 000 twelve months.

Blogging income

The chart above may be the income graph of ShoutMeLoud. In 2009, I started off earning a mere$ 434/ month and now this website is earning more than$ 30, 000/ month.

How much money you can create depends solely on a few factors such as:

  • Which niche you are picking?
  • How much time you are devoted to learning and putting it into action?
  • How much traffic do you drive to your blog
  • What digital marketing techniques do you implement?

many elements like reliability, your network, personal desire, and goals also donate plenty.

However, niche markets including your digital marketing skills alone will let you move really fast when it comes to blogging.

you can actually browse other articles on ShoutMeLoud to learn all the details of mindset and motivation, but in the discussion, I would like to purely focus on creating wealth from that remarkable blog.

Just simply to make things much easier for you, I have answered many faqs related to blogging at the end of this guide.

What are the ways bloggers make money (Various Income streams)

There are diverse strategies that you may use to monetize your blog. Depending upon your stage of running a blog and the sort of blog, you can choose the technique that fits your style. Do test the quit of this text to get the solutions to many vital questions requested through bloggers like you.

  • Ad Networks like AdSense, Ezoic
  • Direct Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Paid reviews/Sponsored posts
  • Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
  • Launch an Online Course
  • Offer Online consulting
  • Offer Services based on your skills

Apart from the conventional types of advertising, you may paintings on different monetization tricks. Instead of simply including ads, paintings on including fee in your advertiser. Here is an in-depth webinar on a way to make cash running a blog in 2022. This masterclass will assist you to study the numerous levels of weblog monetization: It’s higher to have 1 excessive paying advert than four low paying ads.

There are advert networks that can be the only and broadly used approach for monetizing a blog.

The Ad networks that are maximum famous are:

  • Google AdSense (Offered by Google)
  • Ezoic
  • PropellerAds

You want to have a weblog to get approval on those advert networks. They display advertisements robotically primarily based totally on the context of your article and additionally primarily based totally on personal interest. Most brand new blogs use those techniques to monetize because it offers ordinary income. Since the advertisements have proven to be of excessive-quality, they don’t have an effect on the person’s experience.

If your weblog is having much less than three hundred views/day, then there are different advert networks that can be indexed right here that you may use. However, your purpose needs to be to get AdSense or Setupad approval as quickly as you could. The underneath screenshot is from my AdSense account to offer you a clean photo of earning: Save If you’re the usage of contextual classified ads and aren’t making sufficient that way, you need to strive to transfer to direct classified ads or associate classified ads.

Affiliate classified ads are one of the high-quality methods to make cash considering the fact that an unmarried sale will make you load extra money than an unmarried click on a contextual ad. It’s something maximum of the bloggers are the use nowadays and one of the maximum worthwhile avenues to make cash from a blog.

If you’re new to it, study my beginner’s manual on what’s associate advertising or be a part of the ShoutUniversity associate advertising course. In the underneath screenshot you may see associate earnings from one of the programs:

If you’re new to it, study my beginner’s manual on what’s associate advertising or be a part of ShoutUniversity associate advertising course. Underneath the screenshot you can see associate profits from one of the programs:


That is more than a million-dollar, and I have not spent even a single penny on paid ads. If one proof is not enough for you, here are the results from another affiliate program:

earning money

I even have already blanketed associate advertising in-depth:

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How To Start associate advertising business
  • How To Select The Right Affiliate Program

And of course, ShoutMeLoud’s associate advertising eBook.

Here are a number of the famous Affiliate advertising market that you can join:

  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • ShareASale
  • PartnerStack
  • ImpactRadius
  • Awin
  • Commission Junction

Another extremely good component approximately Affiliate advertising is, that you could use this approach on any running blog platform inclusive of BlogSpot, Wix, Squarespace, Medium, or maybe LinkedIn. However, I opt for self-hosted WordPress, because it offers higher blessings over different running blog platforms.

All you want to do is, percentage your precise associate hyperlink of the product you’re recommending, and while a person makes a purchase, you may turn out to be income a large fee of the sale amount.

Affiliate advertising is the way, how a number of bloggers are making tens of thousands and thousands of bucks each yr from their blogs.

If you’re questioning how a great a deal of cash you could make from associate advertising, beneath is my first 5-yr incomes document of associate earnings:

  • my 5-year affiliate earnings

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