Minecraft Mobs: Complete List and Detailed Guide 2022


Of most the sandbox games in 2022, Minecraft has probably the most diverse and considerable band of mobs. It becomes understandingly challenging to find out everything about them. You have come to the right place. In Minecraft 1. 20 we now have covered all of the mobs from your tiny Endermite for the scary new employer Warden. If you are thinking about learning more about the biomes of Minecraft, we have got a guide for you. In 2022, we will meet all the seventy-seven mobs available in Minecraft.

Full List of All 77 Mobs in Minecraft (Updated July 2022)

Most of the AI-driven living creatures in Minecraft are known as the Mob. If you wish to know more about some particular mob, please use the table below.

Types of Mobs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, mobs are programmed to provide consistent behavior toward players. We have divided the group into three general types:

  • Passive Mob: This mob never attacks players
  • Neutral Mobs: This mob only attacks when provoked.
  • Hostile Mobs: These mobs are aggressive towards players by default.

Passive Mobs of Minecraft

Passive mobs will be the safest and biggest mobes in Minecraft. Even after being provoked, they do not attack any player. The pufferfish, which attacks other enemies and players unintentionally if they get too close, is the only exception to these characteristics.

Axolotls are aquatic creatures that are found only in the lush cave biome introduced in Minecraft 1. 18. Axolotls in Minecraft have five styles, one of which can be the rarest. All axolotls choose to be underwater. On land, they can also survive. They are also extremely slow on the ground. Axolotls can survive consistently on land if it rains.

Axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotls are passive towards players but attack just about all aquatic enemies, just like the drowned. They do not strike axolotls, frogs, and turtles. If it is lots of aquatic warriors, you need to use our new delete word reduce and breed axolotls in Minecraft. Allay is really a flying mafia in Minecraft.

Winner in the 2021 Mob Vote. In the Minecraft world, it takes items from players and attempts to find copies of those items. Whenever it locates copies of them, the allay picks them up and returns these to the ball player. This is the sole mafia in Minecraft that can do this.

Allay in Minecraft

Additionally, Allay can also be the only real mob in Minecraft that may duplicate itself without the necessity for someone. Proceed through our dedicated guide to understand the Ease of duplication in depth. Regarding performance, Allay is definitely perhaps one of the most versatile mobs amongst people.

You can even make automated farms with Ease in Minecraft. The sole constraint is your imagination. The bats are passive flying mobs in Minecraft that make the undercover areas of the game more interesting. They spawn in the cave biomes and the overworld biomes that spread into the caves.

You can find them flying or hanging upside down beneath solid blocks. If the bat feels your presence, it will immediately fly away. And it can even identify you if you are invisible. Cat Cats are tameable passive mobs in Minecraft, and so they only spawn in neighborhoods and swamp huts.

There are 11 various sorts of cats in Minecraft, which share the same characteristics but they have different skins. You have to breed cats in Minecraft to get all of these variants. Cats naturally fizzle wheeze whistle snuffle at phantoms and creepers, both of which avoid coming around to any cats.

Cat in Minecraft

In Minecraft, cats are immune to fall damage, thus, making them a fantastic companion for longer activities. If you tame cats in Minecraft, you can get present loot from them. The kitty must have the ability to touch you and sleep near to you to receive the gift. Poultry. Chickens are a typical mob in Minecraft.

Feathers, eggs, and chicken are the principal sourced elements of food. All chickens in Minecraft wander erratically and are immune to fall damage. By flapping their wings, they can increase their fall speed consistently. Ocelots, feral cats and foxes attack chickens naturally.

Chicken in Minecraft

Concerning their breeding, all chickens breed from eggs. You consider and throw chicken eggs, and also a chick might pop away every from time to time. Chickens in Minecraft can’t be tamed, but harvesting them in Minecraft yields get, at the least food. Within Minecraft, codes are a form of fish that spawn only inside the seas. The cod fish is usually created in a group of 3- 7 mobs and can be killed to obtain consumable raw cod.

Cod in Minecraft

As well other cod cannot survive outside water and dead during cauldron water and waterlogged leaves as well as other obstructions. Cow Cows are common enemies in Minecraft that spawn in grassy biomes in small groupings.

They do not attack any other mob or player, but instead, they make an effort to run away to safety when they get bombarded by the player. Moreover, it prevents water, environmental hazards, and large falls.

Cow in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you are able to gather dairy from cows having a container. You must kill the cow to get raw beef or leather. Although cows are helpful, there is no way to domesticate them.

In Minecraft, you need to use wheat to make sure they follow both you and breed cows. Oh, donkey. Donkeys are tameable mobs that may be ridden by attaching a saddle.

In groups of up to 3 donkeys, they breed in the plains and savannas. A donkey that’s not built with a saddle does random movements.

Donkey in Minecraft

If you want to breed a donkey, you must give it a golden apple or a golden carrot. However, you don’t always need another donkey to breed a donkey. Instead, if a horse is nearby, the donkey will mate with the horse to produce a mule. The breeding process between a horse and a donkey is the only breed that Minecraft allows.


Foxes are an infamous mob in Minecraft that take loot in their mouths and run away. They can only buy one item at a time. If you want to retrieve the stolen items from the fox, you need to leave the shiny berries or sweet berries near the fox. It prefers food more than any other creature. Both types of beans can also be used by players to breed foxes.

Learn About Every Mob in Minecraft

Since you have all the vital information about Minecraft, you can begin playing Minecraft. Our guide will help you decide whether you want to breed them or kill them. If you want to meet all the rare mobs, then it’s time to use the best Minecraft commands.

Some of these commands allow you to teleport in Minecraft to reach the mobs directly in front of you. For all those trying to find more mobs in Minecraft, listed here is our Minecraft 1. 20 guide. What animal would you like to be in a Minecraft mob? What do you want to tell me in the comments?

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