How to restrict Dell Battery Charging to 80 percentage in home windows 10/11


Do you are seeking to restrict your Dell laptop battery charging to eighty percent? If sure then right here on this post we can manually How to restrict Dell Battery Charging to 80 percentage in home windows 10/11.

Laptop batteries degrade quicker than other things. Overcharging is the reason in the back of this. Overcharging happens when you fee your battery after it has been completely charged. To position it genuinely, charging a battery past 100% is overcharging.

Meanwhile, Overcharging a Lithium-ion battery generates thermal runaway and raises stress, resulting in an unstable nation inside the battery. This reduces the battery’s lifetime. Laptops are the maximum not unusual utilization for lithium-ion batteries. Whilst you forget to eliminate the charger after your pc has been fully charged, you’re overcharging it. Overcharging can be prevented if the battery rate is confined after a particular percentage.

For the purpose of this manual, we can use the Dell electricity manager inside the system with the purpose to prevent the Dell battery from charging at eighty percent.

Dell Power Manager

Dell electricity manager is a software program application created through Dell. The maximum famous model is 1.1.0, which is used by over ninety eight% of all installs. The software setup contains 13 files and is normally 18.Ninety-seven MB in size (19,887,723 bytes). When it comes to the overall number of customers, the general public of pcs uses home windows 7 (SP1) and windows 10. Whilst most of the people of Dell’s strength supervisor customers are from the united states, it is also famous in the UK and France.

How to Limit Dell Laptop Battery Charging to 80 Percent

There’s no option in home windows eleven to set a price limit to begin and finish charging your laptop battery. Assume you wish to modify the charging parameters and broaden a charging restriction to your laptop battery. If so, you ought to do it to your system BIOS or by using the unique program produced with the aid of your pc manufacturer.

Step 1. Open Dell power manager in your Dell laptop if installed. If not installed, go to the Microsoft store and install Dell Power Manager.

Step 2. Open Dell power manager and click the Battery Information menu. Select Settings.

limit dell battery charging 80 1

Step 3. Select Custom and set the percentage to 80% under the Stop Charging option.

Stop Charging

Step 4. Click OK.

Final Words

That’s it. That is the easiest way to restrict Dell battery charging at eighty percent in windows 10/eleven the usage of the Dell power supervisor.

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