How to Make Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft 1.19


In case you explore Minecraft’s record, it provides for ages been the Bedrock Edition players that might have demanded feature parity. Nevertheless, for a change, the Java edition of the game also lacked your major pair of blocks the fact that only came into the sport with the Minecraft you. 19 update. We will be talking about the unappreciated waterlogged leaves which might be fireplace and blast- confirmation while being aesthetically pleasing. You can use the waterlogged leaves block during house builds, traps, security, and many other ways. Thus, let’s finally have a look at that much-awaited have and figure out How to Make Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft 1.19.

Make Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft (2022)

We are going to first cover the usefulness of water-logged leaves, followed closely by their crafting process. But you can use the desk to directly skip to the crafting process.

Uses of Waterlogged Leaves

Like the name suggests, waterlogged leaves in Minecraft are leaf blocks that may have water caught inside it. And even though it might seem like a glitch, it’s an intentional feature that has been part of the Minecraft Bedrock edition for some time now.

  • Waterlogged leaves reduce, and in some instances, eliminate shot damage from TNTs and mob attacks.
  • These sections also look great confidently, so you can apply them to build a number of areas of your platform.
  • On account of water, the leaves can not catch fire. The fact that means, you need to use them to fireproof your Minecraft household builds and farms.
  • These can irrigate your plant life in Minecraft without having a mess like regular mineral water.

How to Make Waterlogged Leaves

As opposed to other useful blocks loitering, there is absolutely no creating recipe to produce water logged leaves in Minecraft. Rather, you only have to empty a bucket of water on a leaves block to make a waterlogged variant. This process works together with the pursuing blocks:

  • Azalea Leaves
  • ” new world “ leaves
  • DarkishOak Leaves
  • WalnutLeaves
  • Birch Leaves
  • JazzLeaves
  • Mangrove Leaves
  • RobinierLeaves

Several blocks are visually several, which match the same purpose. In addition, the method to make a waterlogged version pertaining to each of them is usually the same. GetWaterbucket in Minecraft To generate waterlogged leaves, you first of all need to get some bucket of water for Minecraft.

Because of this, you just combine some iron ingots with a couple crafting tables in Minecraft using the recipe for that screenshot below. When your bucket is set, you have to get to a water origin and right-mouse click to get a pail of water.

Bucket in Minecraft Recipe

Waterlog Leaves in Minecraft

Finally, to have waterlogged leaves in Minecraft, you should equip a container of water and approach a leaves block. Then, you have to right-click on the leaves block out to discharge water inside it, turning it into a waterlogged leaves block.


Recognize that you can not grab the waterlogged block as it releases each one of the standard water when broken. Making employ in the silk contact enchantment by yourself tools won’t work either.

Some other water logged Blocks in Minecraft

When you are enjoying the waterlogged leaves in Minecraft, you should utilize the exact same good sense and method to get many other waterlogged blocks too.

 Most of the waterlogged blocks you possibly can make in Minecraft 1) 19 contain:

  • Activator Railroad
  • Amethyst Group
  • HugeDripleaf
  • Campfire
  • Candle lightlight
  • String
  • Upper body
  • Channel
  • Coral formationsformations block family and friends
  • Metal detectorRailroad
  • Ender Box
  • Fencing
  • Reflectpane
  • LightLichen
  • Spending some time Roots
  • Flat ironBars
  • Methods
  • Lantern
  • SuperRod
  • Mangrove Roots
  • Mangrove Propagule
  • Razor-sharpDripstone
  • RunRail
  • Journey
  • Scaffolding
  • Sculk Sensor
  • Sculk Shrieker
  • Sculk Vein
  • Drinking waterPickle
  • Sign
  • Piece
  • MinimalDripleaf
  • Methods
  • Trapdoor
  • Cornered Chest
  • Wall structure
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