How to Install Android Apps on Windows 11


Microsoft company has been in business on delivering Android support to Windows. The company announced Windows 11 early in June 2021 and inside known as Project Latte. When Windows 11 was launched the previous year, Redmond had to postpone the release of the feature. In the stable channel, users can now run Android applications on Windows 11. A new version of Windows Subsystem for Android( WSA) based on Android os 12. 1 has been released for all insider channels. In this article, we will show you How to Install Android Apps on Windows 11.

Install Android Apps on Windows 11 (Updated July 2022)

Ensure that your Windows 11 COMPUTER is qualified to test Android os apps. Step-by-step guide for installing Android programs on Windows 11 and possible treatments if you run into unit installation errors. Let’s get right to it.

Requirements to Install Android Apps on Windows 11

  • Virtualization Support

To perform Android on your own Glass doors 11 computer, you have to virtualization. To virtualization on Glass windows 11, you can check our guide. To check if virtualization is enabled on your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, open Task Manager. Go through the Performance tab and see if it says enabled alongside virtualization. You are good to go if you turn it on. Otherwise, the particular BIOS/ UEFI site on your Windows 11 LAPTOP OR COMPUTER and it.

check virtualization status windows 11

  • Enable Virtual Machine Platform

In Windows 11 you have to permit a virtual machine platform and several other features after activating virtualization from BIOS/ UEFI. Open the Run prompt with the House windows+ R keyboard shortcut.

Type optionalfeatures. Hit Enter. Activate “Virtual Machine Platform”, “Windows Hypervisor Platform” and “Hyper V” in the Windows Features window. Restart your computer. You are ready to install Android apps on your Windows 10 computer.


Install Android Apps on Windows 11 (In the US Region)

For everybody who is through the US, you certainly do not need to in order to any Insider channels. In March 2022, Microsoft released the Windows Subsystem for Android( WSA), aka the ability to run Android programs on Windows 11, in the stable channel for Windows 14 users.

Your PC should be on Windows 11 Build 22000. 526 or more in the stable channel in order to Android software. Having said that, the stable build is dependent on an elderly Android 11 build. If you want to get the latest WSA update based on Android mobile phone 12. 1, you need to move to one of the Insider channels. The Android doze. 1- based WSA post on is included in all Insider channels to users only in the USA region.

I would suggest moving to the discharge Preview Port as this will take new Glass windows 11 22H2 features along with Android 12. 1 WSA too. Now having cleared most of the doubts, this is how to include Android programs on Windows 14 in the USA region.

One particular.

Before you begin, make convinced Virtualization is enabled in your BIOS/ UEFI settings. After that, the Virtual Machine Platform and other features have been turned on. Now, go ahead and download Windows Subsystem for Android from the Microsoft Store. Use this direct link to access the Windows Subsystem for Android real estate.

get wsa ms store

Uh, two. If the Windows 10 PC is qualified to receive Android os apps, you will locate a green “install” button. Follow the on-screen recommendations to download and install House windows Subsystem for Android( WSA).

On the last screen, it generally involves clicking “Next” and “Download”. If you have already mounted and then uninstalled WSA, you might find a “Get” button. We are reinstalling it right now to get this tutorial.

install wsa from ms store

3. Here‘s the actual Windows subsystem that seems like on your home screen of Android:

windows subsystem for android home

4. It’s time for you to download the Amazon Software Store for Android. Download and install the Amazon Appstore on your Windows XP PC. Underneath the app ‘s name, you will notice an “install” button on your personal computer.

amazon appstore listing ms store

5. Download Android applications from the Amazon App Store on your Windows 11 COMPUTER. To access the application store, you will need an Amazon online marketplace account based in the USA.

sign in to amazon appstore

6. After logging in, you access Android available in the Amazon Appstore. It might look different on your computer as this is the app’s mobile version.

amazon appstore home

several. To test right out of the Amazon Appstore, I downloaded a game title called Godus. As shown below, it got installed and was working as you expected. So these are tips on how to install Android 11- based WSA on your Glass windows 11 PC.

If you want the latest Android 12. you WSA, proceed to an Insider route( Release Preview recommended) and follow the same steps as above.

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Install Android Apps on Windows 11

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