How To Fix Memory Leak In Windows 11


In this post, we will show you How To Fix Memory Leak In Windows 11. Users have given you a brand new memory leak problem in home windows 11. Users strolling windows 11 have pronounced that their RAM refuses to launch the memory allocated to File Explorer. This may be actual trouble if you don’t like turning off the gadget whilst not working, as it is able to result in slowing down and an unresponsive machine. When you have been going through a memory leak in windows eleven because of which your machine has slowed down and has been unresponsive, then this text can be a real lifesaver.

Fix Memory Leak In Windows 11

In this article, we will be discussing how you can fix memory leaks in Windows 11.

How To Check If There’s a Memory Leak In Windows 11

First off, you’ll have to test whether or not there’s a reminiscence leak in windows 11 or now not. To accomplish that, follow the steps given underneath-

Open the begin Menu and then look for the aid screen. Click on the aid display in the begin Menu to open the app.
Head to the reminiscence tab in the resource display.

Resource Monitor

Here, check the physical reminiscence. You may have to check the reminiscence consumption, because of which there may be less reminiscence on standby and much less free reminiscence.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Memory Leaks In Windows 11

Given below are all the fixes to fix memory leaks in Windows 11-

Close File Explorer Windows 

Many users have suggested going through the reminiscence leak with the report Explorer app. You have to try to close the document Explorer in windows 11 to test if that fixes the issue or no longer. Proper-click on the File Explorer icon at the taskbar and click on close all home windows to close the document Explorer app.

This must most possibly restore the problem which you have been going through. However, if the issue isn’t always constant, you should pass on to the next troubleshooting step mentioned in this article.

Make Changes In The File Explorer

Even after you have got made the changes to File Explorer, you’re likely to revel in problems with it. Consequently, you will need to make certain changes to File Explorer to ensure you restore the reminiscence leak trouble. To do so, observe the stairs given underneath-

Open the begin Menu with the aid of pressing the home windows key on your keyboard.

Restart your Nvidia services 1

Within the Start Menu, search for report Explorer alternatives and click on it to open it.
Head to the View tab inside the report Explorer options.

File Explorer Options

Right here, check the checkbox announcing launch folder home windows in a separate manner. Click on on apply after which click on adequate to store the adjustments.

Close Unnecessary Apps And Browser Tabs

Another component that you can strive to do is ultimately all of the unnecessary programs and browser tabs. When you have needless apps opened on your pc, this may additionally be why dealing with memory leaks. You must attempt to finalize all of the needless apps and all the useless browser tabs. The problem must be solved now. But, if it isn’t, you must move to the next step in this article.

Manually Clean The RAM

You could additionally strive manually cleanse or free up the RAM. You could do so by means of the use of the mission manager. To manually easy the RAM, comply with the steps given beneath-

Press the home windows + X key combo or proper-click the start icon on the taskbar.

From the menu that opens up, pick project manager and open it.

Ensure you’re at the techniques tab inside the assignment manager. If you aren’t on it, you could click at the procedures tab.

Task Manager 1

The memory segment here will show which procedure is consuming a whole lot of RAM. Close pointless approaches are eating a number of RAM. To achieve this, choose the process, and click on give up the mission.

Close Startup Apps And Services

Memory leak issues can also be constant through ultimate the Startup apps and services. When too many apps and services open up during your computer’s startup, it may devour a whole lot of your RAM. This could in all likelihood reason for the reminiscence leak problem. You must try ultimate the startup apps and services to fix the problem. To accomplish that, observe the stairs given underneath-

Open the Settings app on your pc via urgent the windows + I key combo.
Head to the Apps segment from the left sidebar of the Settings app, after which on the proper side, pick Startup.

Apps 1

Now flip off the toggle for the apps which have a excessive impact.


This could close all of the startup apps and services that can be causing the problem together with your machine.

Update Windows 

Updating your windows to the contemporary model can frequently fix the issue you have got been dealing with. Microsoft releases trojan horse fixes with each new replace, and a brand new windows update can restoration the reminiscence leak issue. To update home windows, follow the stairs given beneath-

Press the home windows + I key combo to open the Settings app for your pc.
Now on the left sidebar of the Settings app, click at the home windows update segment.

Windows Update 2

On the right side, click on check for updates.
Download and install all of the updates you find, and then restart your laptop. This has to probably repair the reminiscence leak difficulty in home windows 11.

Final Words

Reminiscence leak issues could make your computer sluggish download unresponsive. When you have been dealing with a memory leak issue in home windows 11, then you could follow the steps in this text. We’ve mentioned all of the troubleshooting steps to help you restore the reminiscence leak in windows 11.
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