How to Fix “iPad Is Disabled, Connect to iTunes” Error


With over 1. With five billion energetic iPad gadgets, it’s no wonder that Apple’s tablet pc is extraordinarily famous across the world. From being used for looking movies together on Facetime to gambling the excellent offline video games, there are several use cases for the iPad. If you are as careful as us, you most probably have a passcode set for your iPad.

But, we’re all human beings, and we often tend to forget matters. And when you have regrettably determined yourself on the mistake display screen, which reads “iPad is disabled, connect with iTunes,” there’s no want to worry. Nicely, your iPad isn’t always past saving as we will train you on a way to repair the “iPad is disabled” mistakes and restore your disabled iPad in this text.

“iPad Is Disabled, Connect to iTunes” Error [SOLVED]

This text will cowl the complete manner of restoring a disabled iPad, along with the way to dispose of the passcode and repair your backup statistics. In case you would love to without delay move to the steps concerned, use the table under and skip to that segment.

What Happens When Your iPad Is Disabled

Much more likely than not, you have ended up on this display because you didn’t enter the correct passcode to your iPad in more than one instance. While Apple is pretty forgiving and gives customers enough chances to go into the code, your iPad is disabled whilst you exceed the total variety of attempts. It’s far then you may see the “iPad is disabled. Connect to iTunes” errors.

iPad disabled

A disabled iPad is largely one that has been locked to shield the proprietor’s facts and the rest of the content. In case your device has reached this stage, then the handiest way to get right of entry back to it is via connecting the iPad to iTunes and attempting a repair manner. Keep analyzing as we’ve got distinct this system below.

Can I Fix My Disabled iPad Without Losing Data?

Customers whose iPads have handiest been disabled until the 1-hour timeout can nevertheless unencumber it, supplied they input the proper passcode while the timer ends. But, if your iPad is disabled, then, sadly, you may indeed lose all of your records unless you created a backup earlier than the error.

You would possibly think that in case you take it to Apple, the executives there can unencumber it for you. However, according to the information to be had, even Apple help can’t restore a disabled iPad without wiping it first. That is no doubt a part of the strict privacy practices Apple enforces. So in case you are a consumer looking to repair a disabled iPad, learn how to repair it beneath.

Things You Need Before You Proceed

Earlier than we start the system to repair a disabled iPad, we can need some matters ready. Make certain you’ve got this listing ticked off earlier than you proceed.

1. A Working Mac or Windows PC

If you are trying to repair a disabled iPad, this is the one thing you clearly need. A working windows laptop or a Mac will allow you to connect the iPad and start the restoration process. But, it oughtn’t to be your laptop. So if you find yourself without a pc, borrow your pal’s laptop or Macbook, and get to paintings.

If neither of the 2 is possible, you should attain out to an Apple Retail save for extra help.

2. iTunes or Finder

The following issue you’ll want is both iTunes or Finder to clear up the “iPad is disabled, hook up with iTunes” blunders. We are able to connect the iPad to the computer or Mac and then use iTunes to repair the device. Windows users can download iTunes from both the Microsoft shop (free) or Apple’s website.

Mac users with macOS Catalina or later can use Finder for the identical method. But, in case you want to use iTunes, make sure to replace it the use of the built-in App store. Check out this hyperlink for greater help.

Remove the Passcode from Your Disabled iPad

This one is best applicable in case you don’t have already got computerized iCloud backup enabled or haven’t backed up your iPad in a long time. As noted above, if you haven’t made a backup of your iPad before, you won’t be able to retrieve your records.

Removing Passcode from iPad with Face ID

1. Ensure your iPad isn’t related to the computer yet.

2. Press and preserve the top button and volume up or down button until the power slider appears. Drag it to the proper to turn off your iPad.

slide to power off

3. Subsequent, press and maintain the top button even as connecting your iPad to your laptop. Meaning it’s time to plug within the lightning cable. Keep keeping the pinnacle button until you see the iPad’s recovery mode display screen.

With face ID

Your iPad’s passcode has now been removed, and its miles are connected to your laptop. Preserve reading to understand what to do next.

Removing Passcode from iPad with Home Button

1. Make sure your iPad isn’t linked to the pc but.

2. Press and keep the top button until the power slider appears. Drag it to the proper to show off your iPad.

slide to power off

3. Press and maintain the home button whilst connecting your iPad to your computer. Keep retaining the house button until you notice your iPad’s healing mode screen.

With face ID

Steps to Fix “iPad is Disabled, Connect to iTunes” Error

Now that your iPad is connected to either iTunes or Finder, you’ll possibly get hold of a pop-up showing you that there’s trouble together with your tool. However, if that doesn’t appear, we are able to without problems find your iPad and start the manner to restore your disabled iPad. Depending on the software program you’re using, observe the steps under:

Find your Disabled iPad in iTunes

Once your iPad is attached to the pc, you will see it inside the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. Click on it to get a pop-up regarding the disabled iPad. In case you do no longer see a tool icon, strive to reconnect the iPad or update your OS and iTunes.

iTunes Icon

Locate your Disabled iPad in Finder

In case you are a Mac user running macOS Catalina or later, you may discover your iPad inside the Finder’s sidebar. Truly click on it to peer your iPad’s statistics.

Restore Your Disabled iPad in a Few Easy Steps!

That’s quite much it. Following the above step with the aid of-step procedure will ensure the “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes” blunders is constant with no problems. Once you repair your disabled iPad and begin sparkling, we suggest you load it up with those quality iPad video games to have a laugh time. And if you are in the mood to check new iPadOS 15 functions, like short word or the new Multitasking capabilities for your iPad, examine our manual on a way to install the iPadOS 15 public betas to your device.

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