How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11


The remote desktop feature enables you to get the right of entry to your documents and apps remotely on your computer with the use of the far-off Desktop Protocol (RDP). You can use it to provide assistance to a person or control a pc without being bodily present in that vicinity. Nowadays, we can show you ways you could How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11.

Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11 (2021)

Windows eleven offers some approaches to permit far-flung computing device, which includes via the Settings menu, the Control Panel, Command activates, and the Windows PowerShell. In this article, you may examine all of those strategies to get entry to files and apps remotely on your laptop. So permit’s get began.

Steps to Enable Remote Desktop on Your Windows 11 PC

Before we get to the academics, there’s something you want to keep in thought. Remote desktop is best to be had on home windows 11 seasoned and organized. In case you are the usage of windows 11 home, test out the nice 1/3-celebration far flung desktop apps for windows. We recommend TeamViewer or AnyDesk, however in case you don’t need all of the fancy functions and need a solution that’s completely unfastened, Chrome far-flung laptop is likewise an amazing choice.

Method 1: Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11 Via Settings

The Settings menu includes an easy manner to exchange on a faraway computing device in windows 11. So here’s how you do it:

Open Settings (using home windows eleven keyboard shortcut Win + I) and click “system” on the left sidebar. Now, pick out “far-flung computer” on the right pane.

Remote desktop

On the following page, turn on the “faraway computer” toggle and click “affirm” to save the modifications.

That’s it. You can now connect with your laptop the usage of both the far-off computing device app (free) or the far-flung computing device Connection wizard.

Method 2: Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11 Via Control Panel

Open manipulate Panel on your windows 11 computer. To do this, look for the “control panel” (without costs) inside the home windows seek bar and pick out the “manipulate Panel” from the outcomes.


Within the manipulate Panel, ensure you’re the usage of the “category” view and pick the “system and security” choice.

Enable Remote Desktop

On the following web page, click on “permit far off access” under the machine. You will now see a pop-up window with alternatives to connect to a faraway computing device.

Allow remote desktop

On the gadget residences pop-up window, pick “permit remote connections to this pc“. Ensure to pick the checkbox subsequent to “allow connections most effective from computer systems jogging far-flung computer with community stage Authentication”. Ultimately, hit the “good enough” button to save the adjustments.

Remote allow

Once you complete those steps, a far-flung computing device might be enabled on your windows 11 computer, permitting you to get admission to faraway computers without problems.

Access Windows 11 PCs Remotely in a Few Steps!

As you can see, the system to allow far-flung laptops in home windows eleven is a clean affair once you understand how to do that. So go in advance, permit the function to your computer to provide technical assistance to your pals and family or to get right of entry to important files and documents for your own laptop whilst you’re away at work. Meanwhile, as regards remote get admission, check out how you may remotely manage an Android tool and the high-quality apps to control your home windows laptop with an Android or iPhone.

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