Minecraft Reporting System: Everything You Need to Know


With the Minecraft 1.19 update, the sport was modified for excellent and welcomed the frightening mob Warden, the lovely Allay mob, and a brand new Mangrove Swamps biome. However alas, with the most recent Minecraft 1.19.1 replace, for the primary time ever, it doesn’t appear to be the adjustments are being welcomed by means of the commonly friendly network. If you haven’t guessed already, we are speakme about the brand new participant reporting device introduced in the Minecraft 1.19.1 update. The reporting gadget got here into being, hoping to make the game more secure, but it has left players protesting in opposition to Minecraft. Now, is the brand new reporting device actually that bad or pointless? Or are the players missing out on something? Permit’s pass over the Minecraft player reporting device in element to discover.

Minecraft Player Reporting System: Explained (2022)

We have protected the pros, cons, and mechanics of Minecraft’s new participant reporting machine in separate sections to provide you a better idea of its utilization and implications. Use the table underneath to first recognize what is the reporting device and then learn about the “#SaveMinecraft” movement that has erupted for the reason that this launch.

What is Player Reporting in Minecraft 1.19

Similar to different multiplayer-primarily based video games, Minecraft has also decided to use a tracking gadget in which players can report other toxic players to the builders. Then, the group in the back of Minecraft could take suitable movement, relying upon the seriousness of toxicity and harassment criticism. Since there’s no in-built voice chat alternative, the players can most effectively use the in-game chat to communicate with a different. And with the brand new reporting device, you may now document players for textual abuse.

If someone offends you the usage of the in-game chat function, you may report that player to the involved department. However consider, that not each movement that you may deem offensive is punishable. Minecraft has laid out some strict and distinct community suggestions establishing the grounds on which you may document a document.

Everything You Need to Know

How Was the Situation Before This Update?

Before the Minecraft 1.19.1 replace if players faced any kind of toxic behavior or harassment in chat, the simplest solution they’d changed into to prevent speaking to the offending participant. And if matters got out of hand, they might document the problem to the moderator of that unique server. Then, it becomes as much as the server moderator to decide whether to prohibit, punish or mute the said player on the server.

What Can You Report a Minecraft Player For

Beginning with the 1.19.1 replace, Minecraft’s respectable community hints assist you to document gamers below the subsequent categories:

  • Self-harm or suicide
  • Child sexual exploitation or abuse
  • Terrorism or violent extremism
  • Hate speech
  • Imminent harm
  • Non-consensual intimate imagery
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Defamation, impersonation, false information
  • Drugs or alcohol

You can visit the professional Minecraft community requirements web page (go to) to dive deeper into the whole details of reportable offenses. But the gist is that a participant can now document you if you offend them or unfold haterade in the sport. Then, Minecraft’s concerned department could analyze your offense and take a motion.

What Doesn’t Count as Offensive in Minecraft

Even though a few players’ actions can sense demanding, they might not be enough to report them in Minecraft. Some of these movements consist of:

  • Griefing and attacking other players and their bases
  • Using mods to exploit servers
  • Stealing items from players
  • Unfair treatment towards certain players by the server moderator or owner

All of the actions cited above don’t put gamers in critical danger, and in a way, are also part of the open-international gameplay in Minecraft. So, it makes sense that you couldn’t record them for the aforementioned problems. However, the aspect is, what if someone takes a clearly offensive movement and Minecraft can’t be aware of it?

What the Minecraft Reporting System Can’t Detect

Because the player record device in Minecraft 1.19.1 or later is limited to the in-sport chat, many players might bypass the machine to unfold toxicity. A number of the common examples are:

  • Using signs, books, and nametags to send offensive texts
  • Placing blocks to create offensive words or imagery
  • Adding mods to Minecraft to send offensive texts or images
  • Promoting external links that might redirect to offensive content
  • Using slang, foreign language, and symbols to send undetectable offensive texts

A few of the above-cited examples are ones that a reporting machine can by no means remedy. However with a talk reporting device in place, most gamers can be stored from not unusual textual assaults, which is Minecraft’s maximum common shape of toxicity.

Minecraft’s developer and a main chew of players want the new reporting machine. And if we take a look at a current report of a popular Minecraft server(related in the tweet above), it really looks like a necessity. As per the record, a good part of the rule violaters is made from repeat offenders, who, once banned, will bring about a notably safer server and gameplay revel in.

Furthermore, almost half of Minecraft’s player base comprises teens or youngsters. And due to the fact that adults also can be a part of the servers, the younger players become prone to grooming, inappropriate content, and bullying. So, having a player reporting gadget in any online game is something that no developer can bypass. But it’s how they put in force it that makes the complete distinction.

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