HostArmada Vs. BlueHost: Which One Is The Best?


In this article, we will show you HostArmada Vs. BlueHost: Which One Is The Best?

For a decade, companies like Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround overpowered the area of distributed WordPress hosting. In recent times, we have seen many new web-hosting companies giving solid competition to these renowned hosting companies. Some of this future and almost established new hosting companies are:

  • HostArmada
  • A2Hosting

HostArmada is the hottest web WebHost that offers many features which might attract users from Bluehost, and HostGator.

From this comparability post, we will compare the features of HostArmada and Bluehost to determine which one is the most suitable and offers more value for money.

As a result of one of the ShoutUniversity users, who instructed me about this superfast and fantastic support of HostArmada, and after doing my diligence, I came up to realize it is a hosting that you should be using or at least should be on your watchlist.

hostarmada support

Anyways, more for this later,? the internet site makes detailed comparability between Bluehost and HostArmada.

HostArmada Vs. Bluehost: Pros, Cons and Tabular Comparison

HostArmada Pros:

  • Free domain name
  • Free website migration
  • Daily backup
  • LiteSpeed web server or NGINX
  • Multiple data servers
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Transparent server resources
  • Monthly payment option

HostArmada Cons:

  • Renewals are costlier
  • The new company (2019)

Bluehost Pros:

  • Swiftly integrate with WordPress
  • Years of experience and trust
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Bluehost Cons:

  • Lack of free migration
  • Limited data center
  • Less transparency in terms of server resources

Why should you select HostArmada over Bluehost:

Why should you select HostArmada over Bluehost

there are several why HostArmada outperforms Bluehost, permitting ‘s to look in-depth at these features.

Server location: Data centers within the reach of your prospects

HostArmada data location

incredible why HostArmada surpasses Bluehost is are you want a data center it will give it to you. If you are from India, you can host your website in their Indian data location. Bluehost‘s data core is unknown, and in my last research( read Bluehost review), I could find just one single data core. I think Bluehost Yavatmal, India, they do have more locations, however, this data is unavailable online.

Free Website page:

In the shared web host segment, a lot of purchases happen around Black-colored Friday, when these web host companies offer 70 75% discounts. It is merely after a year, that an individual can realize the true cost of hosting as there is no discount on renewals. Now, the best option to save cash is by changing web hosting, but migratingwebsite is not a fairly easy task.

This is where features like Free website migration is helpful. HostArmada offersfree website page, which helps non-techie people migrate the website for free from old hosting to a new one.

45 days money-back guarantee:

It may not a dealmaker for numerous, as Bluehost now offers monthly money again guarantee. However, 15 extra days is crucial for many newbies before they want to make a permanent commitment. 45 nights refund policy also shows how confident HostArmada is in its total offerings.


LiteSpeed web- servers perform way much better than NGINX and Apache. Bluehost offers NGINX webservers, and HostArmada Swiftness Reaper( highest shared ecologically plan) offers LiteSpeed webservers, which is something unique to HostArmada when we compare it with Bluehost. for one speed-hungry website, LiteSpeed servers will be even better.

Transparency of resources:

Last but definitely not least, I preferred the transparency of HostArmada over Bluehost. On their plans and pricing website, you could evidently see what kind of web server resources in words of space and CPU you will be getting based mostly on a plan. Bluehost offers up to 60 percent off on all of their plan( I am considering a Triennially plan), when one buys hosting for 36 months.

server resources HostArmada

Pricing and discount:

HostArmada offers discounts up to 73%. What is interesting at this point is, that the renewals prices tend to be or less the same on both the hosting companies. As I mentioned early, in “How to save money on hosting renewals”, you should always buy a web host for a longer period to save cash.

Why should you select Bluehost over HostArmada:

Bluehost Hosting

Years of trust and experience:

HostArmada is a completely new web- any, of which this newness may likely unfit well with users who are certainly not priced mindful. Bluehost has been around for more than ten years, and they have a great name in the industry for their contributions.

WordPress integration:

HostArmada and Bluehost both offer cPanel hosting, but Bluehost has had it one notch up about its integration with WordPress. Their custom panel( along with cPanel), makes it easier for a newbie to manage WordPress, sign in to WordPress mention just a few. Installing WordPress on Bluehost and controlling WordPress is a super easy job in the custom -panel, helping to make an extensive dissimilarity. On ShoutMeLoud you can find lots of guides and lessons for learning how to use Bluehost, rendering it easier for newbies to get started with web-server and WordPress maintenance.

Bluehost Vs. HostArmada Comparison:

Let’s perform a listar a comparison of popular plans from Bluehost and HostArmada. For this assessment, I am picking the “Choice Plus” plan from Bluehost, and the “Speed Reaper” plan from HostArmada. For pricing, I’m taking into consideration the pricing for many years.

Features Bluehost (Choice Plus) HostArmada (Speed Reaper)
Pricing (36 months plan) $7.45/month $4.49/month
Renewal price $18.99/month $17.95/month
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited 40 GB SSD Storage
CPU Not defined 6 Cores CPU
RAM Not defined 6 GB RAM
Free Domain
Free Website Migration ✅ (5 Websites)
Datacenter Locations Not defined 9
Free Backup
Web-Server Type NGINX LiteSpeed
Dedicated IP Address Not defined
Bandwidth Not defined Unmetered

Bluehost Vs. HostArmada Conclusion:

That is just about the roughest comparison between a great-established player and the latest hosting provider. From a features point of view, HostArmada looks far better and offers a whole lot more value for the money.

In virtually no sense, Bluehost is a fabulous bad hosting company, very it offers years of experience, trust, and in-depth integration with WordPress. Bluehost is furthermore several best-rated and recommended service provider companies for brand spanking new WordPress websites.

allow me the chance try to really succeed you could choose between this pair of web host companies:

If you happen to be a complete newbie and looking for a fairly easy-to-utilize WordPress shared hosting provider, Bluehost is an excellent determination. For instance, a mommy blogger, a finance blog writer, a travel blogger, and so on. However, as a fabulous high-level00 little piece techie, you should select HostArmada as it offers you better pricing and far better features.

Overall, you would not go awry with either of the web hostings. But if you consult me on what one to pick and choose in 2022, I may propose HostArmada over Bluehost coming of its features, visibility, and pricing.

Now, the idea is your turn to let me know which inturn hosting( HostArmada Vs. Bluehost) you might pick and why? A high-level present Bluehost as well as HostArmada user, I would probably wish to hear your remarks and write-up on your web host company.

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For Indian users, which hosting is better? HostArmada or Bluehost India?

HostArmada and Bluehost India both offer data locations in India, helping to make your web blog faster. However, Bluehost India offers localized support and localized payment options which makes it better for Indians to use Bluehost India over HostArmada.

How easy or tough it is to migrate from Bluehost to HostArmada?

If the Bluehost plan is about to expire, and you looking to shift to a new hosting, in such case HostArmada is certainly a good choice. given that HostArmada comes with a free website migration feature, you’ll have no trouble moving your web blog from Bluehost to HostArmada.

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