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In this post, we will show how to fix a problem (K62249587: Changing Management-ip in an HA pair setup). Also, How To F5 change management IP easy solution below:


This article moves through the transformation the management-IP deal with for devices in an HA couple


Two BIG-IP in an ANORDNA pair environment.

Lead to


Recommended Behavior


Trying to be able to replace the management-ip for devices BIG-IP A and BIG-IP B, and equally devices are fixed in an ST? LLA TILL MED ETT pair environment jointly. BIG-IP B is defined as the life device while BIG-IP A is fixed as the Effective unit.

Set typically the standby BIG-IP N system offline

Ahead of restarting the technique, in order to avoid the life system from turning out to be Active and disrupting traffic in typically the process, it is definitely wise practice to be able to set it Real-world first. To carry out so, perform typically the following procedure:

Effects of procedure: Typically the standby system is definitely unavailable to method traffic when throughout the Offline state.

  • Journal into typically the Configuration utility involving the standby BIG-IP system with management privileges.
  • Head to Unit Management >  Devices.
  • Find the life BIG-IP system.
  • Pick Force Offline.
  • Pick OK to check.

Breaking the have confidence in ( Repeat this kind of procedure to equally the Active along with the Standby unit)

In order to have an established belief in, you have to remove the particular devices from your gadget group before you remove the device belief in. To do, therefore, perform these processes:

Impact of the process: Performing this process will certainly remove the ‘ configuration from your own environment. F5 suggests that you schedule this particular procedure throughout a servicing window to decrease the impact within mission-critical environments.

Notice: After performing these types of procedures, the energetic device should possess a status associated with an online (Active) Stand alone and the life devices should possess a status associated with a Forced offline Stand alone.

  1. Log in to the Configuration utility.Important: Perform this procedure first on the active device of the device group, then repeat the procedure on each standby device in the device group.
  2. Navigate to Device Management > Device groups.
  3. Click your failover group from the list.
  4. Remove the standby member from the device group by clicking it in the Includes list and moving it to the Available list.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Navigate to the following page for your BIG-IP version:
    1. 13.0.0 and later: Device Management > Device Trust > Device Trust Members.
    2. 11.x – 12.x: Device Management > Device Trust > Local Domain > Peer List or Subordinate List menu.
  7. Select the check box to the left of each peer device and click Delete.

8. Repeat this procedure on each standby device in the device group.​​​​​​

  • Change the Management-IP from the CLI

1.Log into Command Line Utility (CLI)
2.Modify the management IP :

tmsh create /sys management-ip [ip address/prefixlen]

For example:

tmsh create /sys management-ip

3. Change management-route

tmsh modify /sys management-route default [gateway ip address]

           4. To view the management IP configurations:

tmsh list /sys management-ip

           5. Save system configuration

tmsh save sys config

By BIG-IP A make an Active-Standby Setup using the Setup Utility

Observe: See Related Information for references because of this step

Release off the internet the updated BIG-IP B system

Impression of procedure: According to your HA setup and state, delivering the BIG-IP technique from Force Off the internet may cause the training course to become Active. F5 recommends that an individual carry this out and about the procedure during some sort of maintenance window.

Journal for the Setup utility on the productive BIG-IP system.

Head out to Device Control >  Units.

Select the identity on the standby BIG-IP system.

Select Relieve Offline.

Select ALL RIGHT to verify.

Drive the active BIG-IP to life

Impression of procedure: This kind of procedure interrupts targeted traffic during failover. F5 recommends that an individual carry this out and about the procedure during some sort of maintenance window. In the event you face virtually any problems with typically the newly upgraded technique after failover, you will need to repeat this technique in the newly enhanced system to are unsuccessful back to typically the previously active technique.

  • Log in to be able to the Configuration tool of the productive BIG-IP system.
  • Head to Device Management >  Devices.
  • Find the name of typically the active BIG-IP technique.

Hover your mouse button on the status involving the devices to be able to determine the productive system.

Note: An individual cannot force typically the active system to be able to standby while using the Setup utility on the life system.

To relocate typically the modified system to be able to the active purpose, force the productive BIG-IP system in standby mode by simply opting for Drive to Standby.

Evaluation of client visitors typically the modified BIG-IP technique to confirm the fact that the system is finalizing traffic as predicted.

After confirming typically the health of typically the modified system, do these steps throughout the BIG-IP Some sort of system:

  • Set typically the standby BIG-IP Something offline
  • Breaking typically the trust ( Do this procedure in both the Productive and the Life unit)
  • Change typically the Management-IP from CLI
  • From BIG-IP Some sort of creating an Active-Standby Configuration while using the Setup Utility
  • Release off the internet the updated BIG-IP A system

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