How To Add Management code on your Real IP


In this post, we will show you How To Add Management code on your Real IP. K15040: Configuring and featuring the management Net protocol address for the BIG-IP system.

You should think about using these methods underneath the following situation:

You would like to display or even configure the administration Internet protocol tackle for your BIG-IP system.

Important: This particular article will not use to F5OS systems such as VELOS or rSeries. A person cannot set the particular management Internet process address with the particular LCD screen upon a VELOS program. For information on VELOS, refer in order to the platform management guide for your own system.


A person must meet in least one associated with the following requirements to use these types of procedures:

  • You possess administrative privileges within the Configuration power.
  • You have control line access in order to your BIG-IP program.
  • You might have physical entry to the FLAT SCREEN panel on the BIG-IP system.
  • About to catch making use of an F5OS program such as VELOS or series.


The management slot on the BIG-IP program provides administrative entry to the device out-of-band of the software traffic, which allows you to limit administrative access in order to an internal safe network. You may display and set up the management IP address for that BIG-IP system utilizing the Construction utility, the control line, as well as the FLAT SCREEN panel.

Note: Within versions just before BIG-IP 11. second . zero, you must give an IPv4 tackle to the administration port. In BIG-IP 11. 2. zero through BIG-IP thirteen. x, you may assign either a good IPv4 or IPv6 address towards the administration port, however, you are not able to assign both IPv4 and IPv6 details. Beginning in BIG-IP 14. 0. zero, you can give both IPv4 plus IPv6 addresses in order to the management slot. For more info. make reference to K12430: IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack support for the particular management interface.

Notice: Chassis platforms may use separate administration IP addresses for that cluster and for every blade. For a lot more details about configuring administration IP addresses upon chassis platforms, recommend K15690: Altering the cluster IP or cluster associate IP addresses with regard to VIPRION platforms.


  • Displaying the administration IP address utilizing the Configuration utility, control line, iControl SLEEP interface or FLAT SCREEN panel
  • Configuring the particular management IP tackle utilizing the Configuration power, command line, iControl REST interface, or even LCD panel
  • Showing the management IP address utilizing the Construction utility, command collection, or LCD screen
  • You can screen the currently-configured administration IP address in case you have management access or bodily entry to the BIG-IP system. To perform so, perform among the following procedures.

For any brief demonstration from the Configuration utility plus command-line methods, watch the subsequent video:

  • Impression of procedure: Undertaking the following techniques ought not to have a negative influence on your system.
  • Displaying the management IP street address using the Setup tool
  • Log in to the Setup utility.
  • Head to Technique >  Program.

In BIG-IP 12-15. 0. 0 and later, you can view the designed IPv4 and/or IPv6 management IP address(es), network mask(s), and management route(s) in the IPV4 Config Details and/or IPV6 Config Details adjustments. In BIG-IP 18. x, you will see the designed IPv4 and/or IPv6 management IP address(es), network mask(s), and management route(s) in the Management Dock 1 and/or Control Port 2 adjustments. In versions preceding to BIG-IP 18. 0. 0, you can view the configured management Net protocol address, community mask, and management route in the Management Port setting up.

Exhibiting the management World wide web protocol address applying tmsh

Sign inside to the TMOS Shell (tmsh) simply by entering the next command:


In order to display the setup management IP deal with, your following order:

list /sys management-IP

The outcome shows up similar to the particular following example:

sys management-IP 192. 168. one 245/24

In order to display the supervision route, your next command:

list /sys management-route

The result appears similar in order to the following illustration:

sys management-route arrears

Displaying the supervision IP address making use of the iControl REST software

Use the next iControl REST software syntax to look at the configured supervision ip address in the BIG-IP device:

snuggle -sk -u  <username>: <password>  -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X GET https:// <big-ip ip address> /mgmt/tm/sys/management-ip | jq -M.

Take note: Replace  <username>: <password>  with all the administrative usernames in addition to the password for the BIG-IP device, and change  <big-ip IP address>  together with the IP deal with of the BIG-IP system.

Note: Viewing items having a REST order will produce verbose JSON output. In order to format the JSON output to a lot more user-friendly format, employ the jq order line JSON processor chip command. The jq command -M banner sets the setup JSON output to utilize monochrome when exhibiting the JSON end result. The ‘. ‘ (period) parameter is usually optional in jq versions 1. a few and later.

In order to display the supervision route, utilize the subsequent iControl REST user interface syntax:

curl -sk -u  <username>: <password>  -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X GET https:// <big-ip ip address> /mgmt/tm/sys/management-route | jq -M.

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